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: You people are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Nate Bailey
01-24-2002, 04:06 AM
A fellow post that he has intrest in trying a spey rod and he has two different people offering him their rods to borrow. I did the same thing about a month ago and fred did the same for me. This board is full of first class people.:smokin:

Last cast steve has fred talked you into coming down and showing us southern boys how to cast......Nate

01-24-2002, 09:53 AM
Dear Nate,

When you have as many rods as i have accumulated over the past few years, letting someone borrow one simply relieves some of the guilt in looking for the next one to add to the quiver! Actually, like Kush had said...i think anyone starting out is much better off borrowing rather than buying if at all possible...starting out you have no idea what you are really looking for until your casting improves to the point you know what you're looking for....And yes, i have talked with Fred about a class somewhere down south in April sometime...but it didn't take much talking, and i'd go anywhere to meet and teach with a bunch of spey nuts! I'm currently trying to talk Spey Bubba into helping with the class...Look forward to meeting you Nate!

Best Regards,