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: ...and now back to fishing

10-22-2001, 11:22 PM
Atleast they won 116, but in the end, I guess it is that makes the loss all that more difficult.

Who's up for chasing some chummies with me in the coming weeks? :)

10-23-2001, 07:16 AM
Hard to take, my friend although I've felt all along that NYC could really, REALLY use this. I think maybe God, fate, karma, or whatever had a hand in this one. Not to mention that they really came alive in the post season, again.

Lou made some good comments, despite the let down you had to feel good for New York. When several thousand lay buried and unaccounted for it helps to give 50,000 people a reason to forget for a couple of hours. I'm sure NYC would feel the same way if the glove was on the other hand so to speak.

Chum? What with all the steelhead around and getting grabbier by the day? }>