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: Snake R Report.

October Caddis
10-19-2001, 01:51 PM
Fished the Snake the 18th thru 22nd above Asotin. Never have seen so many steelhead in one river as I did this year. Just driving the road one could continually see steelhead jumping and rolling. The river is extremely low and some of my favorite runs had no water over them so it was time to search out some new holding areas. That didn't work all that well not for lack of new low water holding area but because fish were not holding but always moving.

My girlfriend and I got bright sun Friday and Saturday and by Friday afternoon fish began to hold and we started hooking into fish but Sunday morning it started to rain again about 2 in the morning and weather became unstable and that was it for the most part. Two friends from Montana who had been over for over two weeks had had very little luck with just one 2 fish day until Friday evening and Saturday morning. They fished one productive run 1st light and each released 6 fish and lost about that many. My girl friend Sue and I stopped by the run about 8 AM to see how they were doing and I asked if they minded if Sue fished a pass right behind them for one pass before we moved to another run. It was OK and she hooked and lost 4 in about 15 minutes. The biggest fish she had ever hooked on a fly before this trip was about a ten inch trout so she got clobbered when hooked up to fish over 5 pounds. There were so many fish holding you could see them in a big line the entire length of the run just a few feet out from wading distance as one moved down the run.

The Snake is a river where fish just don't seem to come to the surface often if there is a change in weather. They got to be holding and usually that means periods of stable bright sunshine. We didn't get much of that and I don't see too much of it in the forecast the next week or so. The Grand Rhon had temps below 50 and some turbidity but a few fish were taken on the surface while we were over there.

We had a great time and though I didn't fish much but played guide I just enjoyed the canyon, river and night time camp fires in a place where you still can camp in so many places without permits and fees.

10-19-2001, 03:01 PM
Sounds like steelhead heaven >sigh<

My 7136 is ricocheting around in the closet just thinking about greaselining the Snake.

Is Sinktip heading out there now?

October Caddis
10-19-2001, 04:04 PM
Wish you could have been there to see it and fish it. Honest to God it looked like the Sky when all the silvers are in and jumping and rolling. I dought I'll ever see so many steelhead again. Just wished the weather had been more stable to keep fish from moving up river so fast. No complaints about the number of fish hooked though.
If the Grande can get back up over 50 degrees surface action will be oh so good. One guy I talked with said that he heard that there were already 38,000 fish in the Grande Rhon.
Sinktip is headed over tonight I believe and hopefully he will hook fish over the weekend.

Also an old friend from Montana who went over for his first ever steelhead trip landed a 39" fish on the clearwater about 12 days ago. Some of the guys that stay over there for 3 weeks or more say that he hooked it in his 1st ten minutes of fishing, had no idea how big it was as it didn't jump once. They thought it was a big fish and near the end of the fight when they saw the tail surface they almost droped dead at the size of it. They didn't dare say anything to the guy as he had no idea how big it was. He landed it and released it. They got a picture of it and believe it was maybe 21 pounds as it was the heaviest fish through the girth they have seen in 14 years fishing over there. If they send me a picture I'll post it.
As for the guy who got it he never hooked another fish the rest of the week he fished the Clearwater and Snake. The boys really teased him about the fish and told him they think they had lost the camera somewhere or would loose it before they got back to Montana.

10-21-2001, 01:51 PM
39"?! What a monster summer run. I hope there is a pic, that would be something!

Great time of the season and incredible year to be a steelheader.