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: Will Trade Indicator Fishing Lessons for A Spey Casting Lesson

01-15-2002, 10:39 PM
I finally got out and threw the 9140-4 and because it has been years since I had thrown a two-hander (aside from single-handing the 8126 all day), I was a little rusty.

I think I needed to slow myself as I was just going way too fast and I noticed that when I turned around and watched for the D-Loop, I had no problem throwing 60 feet.

I totally forgot about Juro's advice in regards to its like following a bird with a shotgun. Stay even but I couldnt...

I was just too anxious as well and I just need to slow myself, which is true when I am throwing the single-hander as well.

So one member (who will go nameless :hehe: ) and I have already set up a trade...I give him Inicator fishing lessons and he gives me some pointers on the two-hander. Any others want to get down with their pseudo-dinkfloats and mini-jigs via the bugrod?? :devil:

01-16-2002, 12:03 AM
Just couldn't resist the foolishness of the above. If you want to take a long weekend in So. Oregon I'll intro you to spey rods ranging from 11'3" to 18 foot. Pillow is "fluffed" so (as usual) the buy in is a good bottle of single malt at the door. Rest is on me.
ps: do not try to type with a cat in you're lap. Typos are 'not of this world.'

01-16-2002, 12:10 AM
The Darkside???...bring me over from The Darkside!??!?! Will not happen...no way, no how...as I am The Darkside!! :devil: :devil: :devil:

Thanks for the invite!!...but it will have to wait until I am 21 or I'll have to have my parents run up to the liqour store to pick up a bottle of single malt. ;)

If you ever want to come up and fish the OP...let me know.

01-16-2002, 12:15 AM
Looks like the brash, young Jedi is seeking council from the wise and skilled Obi-Wan. Just don't consume too much single malt before the lesson Ryan and trust the Force! I'll stick to the dark side and backwoods brew till I can find proper tutoring in the finer art....Uh Oh, forgot you are still in the formative years. Better just have a coke!

Looks like the rivers in the SW corner are in fine shape this week while I'm sitting in the classroom learning the finer points of student assessment, socio-psycholinguistic and cognative learning styles at Geoduck University. Kills me to drive over the Satsop every day on the way to school and look at prime water levels, knowing that 20lb plus bomber is waiting to attack. Since the challenge has been posted, I've had the digital cam and rod with the unwieghted bug on the end ready to roll. Hopefully this weekend! Darn lotto failed me again!

Anyhow, reports have it that the some of the smaller rivers dumping into the Lower Columbia and adjacent estuaries have expereinced a couple week lull in fish. The brats have made their push and there has not been much behind them.

Hope your sinfull ways of bastardizing the fine art of flyfishing have been fruitfull this week Sparky! :smokin:

Good fishing to all!