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01-15-2002, 07:36 PM
About a year or so ago, I posted about some super amazing industrial glue that a freind picked up at the Boat Show. I was going to get info on how to purchase the product but I totally forgot...

Anyways, I was at the Boat Show today and picked up a bottle of it for myself.

This stuff is incredible!!!...At the show, they glue two ends of rubber tubing together and ask you to break the seal but you can not! At work, we threaded mono with some of the glue about 1/2" into a flyline. The actual flyline was ripped apart when two of us were pulling each section...the mono would not pull out. The final test was a connection of mono to Spectra which is are the two toughest lines to connect. We threaded the mono through the Spectra for about 1" and then placed a couple drops on the Spectra. We wrapped each end around a screwdriver and there were 3 of us pulling to try to pull the sections apart and we couldnt not! :whoa: :whoa:

They finally got a website up and I highly advise anyone who uses Super Glue to pick up a bottle. It isnt cheap as a small bottle is about $15, but it does go a very long ways.

Super Duper Super Glue (

01-15-2002, 09:42 PM
I thought you were talking about why some marrages last for over 50 years. Now that is "super glue."

Best to you ... but I couldn't resist.

01-15-2002, 10:05 PM
Hi Ryan Whats the full address of the super glue guys could not dreg it up with your post.


01-15-2002, 10:13 PM
It worked for me...but here it is...

11-15-2003, 09:30 PM

which of their products is the one that you used?

11-15-2003, 09:54 PM

Is this stuff flexiable like Flex-a-ment, or hard like most super glues?

11-15-2003, 10:27 PM
It dries hard so I do not use it for my loops but I splice all my lines with the stuff and have yet to have a failure.

11-15-2003, 10:29 PM
Originally posted by loco_alto

which of their products is the one that you used?

The product within their line that I use is the stuff actually labeled as Pasco Fix. It comes in a blue and red bottle.

11-16-2003, 01:47 AM
Order form is not on a secure server, so I would opt for a fax or other means of specifying CC info.

Ryan, sounds like EXACTLY what I need for some current Atlantis distance head projects I have going on currently.

Great tip!