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01-14-2002, 10:03 PM
I am heading to St. John in April and was wondering if anyone has been FFing there. I would greatly appreciate any info you can provide on locations, best times to fish, flies, lines etc. I will be shorebound and open to exploring beaches, flats, points etc. at any hour...

Thanks in advance,

01-15-2002, 08:09 AM

A few years ago we chartered a boat and cruised the BVI. The places where we went were all deep water, I hooked several tarpon.

I know there are bones out at Anegada.

I would just plan on bringing sinking, intermediate & floating lines as well as a good assortment of flies and see what you can find snorkelling first (that's how I found my tarpon).

Rent a yak or a skiff and just approach it like regular saltwater fly fishing.

Good luck & let us know how you did.


01-15-2002, 02:32 PM
Roop --

he's gonna be a boat ride away from the BVI.


Have heard Tortola has a decent flat(s) and bones
as well...never tried it.

There is a flat on St. John -- St. Mary's Creek near
the Annaberg Sugar Ruins...tried it once with one
of my love, but it was fun.

There should at least be some Jacks, probably Tarpon
and who knows what other fish to keep you
busy. Got a email a while back from a guy who claimed
to have caught Snook in the early AM hours right in
front of the Westin in Cruz Bay, but never got there
to give it a any event, it's a beautiful part
of the world...don't forget to visit Fred's for some local
rhythms....either weds or fri used to be "the" night...
was better before they put the roof on the dance
floor, but that's progress for ya....


01-28-2002, 07:22 PM

I have fly fished St. John, there are large bonefish in Leister (not sure of spelling) bay near Annenberg plantation on the road to Maho Bay. It is one of the few flats on St. John, I once saw a barracude 4 to 5 feet long there swimming in three feet of water, it must have been searching for bonefish. There is also a cove to the left of the flat where I caught smaller barracuda and jacks on a small chartreuse and white clouser. I was told that there were small tarpon in the cove although I never did see any there.
One other place I fished was off the rocks at the left end (facing the water) of Maho bay. I caught severel spanish mackerel and many bar jacks there. While snorkeling in that area I saw many jacks, severel large barracuda, spanish mackerel and one tarpon about four feet long. the spanish mackerel and the jacks were chasing small bait approx. 2 " long, which were fairly transparent with a black back and a neon blue streak inside the center of their body. I caught bonefish with the usual bone flies,Mcvay's gotcha, gold and pink crazy charlies etc.