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: Rapid Line changer

01-12-2002, 07:11 PM
I was looking at the Seamaster web site because I will be buying a seamaster fly reel in February.. probably a Mark lll and in one of their sites they had a piece of equipement priced at $19.00 which was two tube looking devises which they call the rapid line changer... Never seen anything anywhere like it... so I e-mailed them for an explaination as to how it works.. it appears to be a piece of equipement which is suppose to simplify line changing. When I get the answer I will post the explaination... but in the meantime has anyone ever seen or heard of this before? ((( this is an edit... by the way this is a line changer in the field so to speak.. just wanted to clarify that it does not look like something that is for home changing)