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: Redington LA reels for spey rods

01-11-2002, 06:47 PM
I have heard alot of mixed messages regarding whether LA reels make good spey reels and thought I would ask here.In the larger sizes(11/12 or 13/14)would this model be a good reel for a spey rod?Would it hold enough dacron backing(200 yards min) or would one have to go to gel-spun?Has anyone had any problems with using the thinner backing?I have heard alot of people say that large arbor reels do not make good spey reels but if the reel is wide and holds enough backing are there any other reasons why it would not be a good choice?I had a chance to buy a Hardy Sovereign but it was sold on me.Now I'm just kind of looking for suggestions.

01-11-2002, 11:45 PM
hi tony!

kush and I have a pal who fishes one of the Redington's on the Thompson (at least, I'm pretty sure it is a Redington--help me out here, kush!) with a long-bellied Spey line and enough backing to handle the Thompson's legendary milers.

Except for my Hardy Marquis, I use LA reels exclusively on my two-handers, and prefer them to standard reels because of how quickly they retrieve line, plus there's less coiling of a line that's been on the reel a while. Most of the majors have addressed the issue of backing capacity by making their Spey models with wider and deeper spools, but some Spey lines are just too long (how often do we use the full 140ft of an Accelerator, for example?) for most angling situations and can be cut back to allow for more backing. I have both standard Dacron and gel-spun poly on these reels--I haven't had any problem with the poly binding up.

01-15-2002, 11:20 AM
I fish the 11/12 Redington LA on my 8150 and have found it an excellent reel. It handles a full 8/9 Accelerator and 175 yds of 30# dacron. The only problem I have with the reel is it is quiet. If you are Hardy fan, this might bother you. If you don't need to hear your reel scream, the Redington is a fine reel for mounting on your favorite long rod.