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: The greatest strength of this and the International Spey Board

01-11-2002, 04:21 AM
is the shear diversity of its membership. From both Boards I've gotten several world wide 'pen-pals' that I correspond with on a frequent basis. One of these folks is "Ask" on our board. Attached is an excerpt from one of his e mails that gives more of his background, about where he lives etc.

Charming man and a great sense of humor (and it's fun sharing American humor with him .... even if some of it goes "right over the top of his head.") (Ask: 'slanguage' for doesn't make any sense. fe)

Anyway, from Ask:

Hello Fred!
Unfortunately, we has not caught fish at that time. It could be very rare luck to catch fresh fish at season-closing, because all of autumn fishes are big and strong but capricious. But I can two photos with fishes which I proud (about 10 and 9 kg). I don't like to photograph with kilts and I have not always a camera in my hand.

The rivers in proximity of Murmansk are Kola, Ura, Zapadnaja Litsa, Titovka, Umba, Varzuga, Pecha and others. I usually fish on Kola, the nearest one. Also I love Titovka, Ura and Zapadnaja Litsa. Time of fishing is difficult question. It's important to live near the river or ask other fishermen to take fish-going.
Other rivers of Kola Peninsula are far but there's more fish and less fishermen there. Such as Rynda, Kharlovka, Vostochnaja Litsa, Yokanga, Ponoj, Varzina etc. The permit is not cheap, but there are more chanses and good service. I could not get the permition to fish there.

Ask me if you want to know any more.

Good luck!

S.Y. Alex.

01-16-2002, 01:27 PM
I too love to be able to correspond with people literally from around the world, it makes me feel connected to the range of fishing experiences the world has to offer and aspire to sample them first hand someday.

Russian salmon fishing? I would LOVE to do it! And I swear I will someday, with my new friend Ask. I hope he comes to fish for stripers or applies his knowledge toward steelhead someday too!