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: WANTED: misc fishing gear

01-05-2002, 07:20 PM
I know this is a fly fiishing board, but had an experience recently that led me to this post. Had a friend who recently gave up fishing baiitcasters and went strictly fly. He offered me his gear. There wasn't much I needd, bt he did have some stuf that realy interested e. So, I figured maybe some of you may have given up conventional gear and have some stuff still i your garage you may want to part with. All these things aren't made anymore, bt I got a couple ofthese from my buddy.

I can't aford top dollar, but make me an offer on what you want and I'l see what I can afford. Ii'm loking for okies, birdies, go glos, bc steels, and any pentac commponents. I'm mostly after okies (I already haave a lifetimes supply, but they're my favorite). Iif you have any, send me aan email at Steelheader69@prodigy.net

Thanks, I'm sure thee may be some of thse hangin around. I was shocked to find a BC stel iin my friends thins. Worse thinn is I snagged i up and ost it first wekend I had it. LOL. If the water hadn't been ssubzero I'd dove in after it. LOL

01-05-2002, 11:07 PM
And if anyone has any Ray bobbers or Shimano Bantam 201 SG's let me know. ;)

01-05-2002, 11:29 PM
Didn't you get tha bantam from hat guy on ifish??? I have a few raybobbers, but only a few. I may get rid of them, wil keep you ii mind. Maybe if you swet talk General Zzog he'l part with his. LOL NOT!!!

01-06-2002, 03:33 AM
Ryan -

I have a bantam 251 sx (?) top condition and will consider a trade for that lamson bonefish reel we discussed a while back and a line...

01-07-2002, 02:47 AM
I heard back from him this evening so it looks like the deal is on. It was like $85 so you can not beat that. I'd die to have some Ray Bobbers. We have some hanging up in the shop I work at and everyone comes in and bitches at us because they are there teasing everyone as we will not sell 'em. :devil:

The Bonefish and line was a co-workers and he sold it. Anything else you would consider for the 251 SG??? :) :) :) How about I dont fish indicators this summer???? ;)

I've got two 201's with another on the way and 2 251's. I gotta have the direct drive and since there arent any reels produced with direct drive anymore, I am developing a stock that will hopefully last me for years and years and years.

01-07-2002, 02:51 AM
Oh Jerry...I've got lots of Okies. They are mainly the white/pink/chartreuse color and are about the size of a rasberry plus they are the old skool ones.

Trade for some Ray Bobbers???

01-07-2002, 07:22 AM
Ryan -

I got mine from a co-worker from the east coast who is into tournament bass fishing. He had three collecting dust in his closet. I bought two of them, sold one (at a nice profit to a steely gear guy LIKE YOU :devil:). I was saving them for an heirloom item but didn't even remember I had it until your above post so I guess I really don't need it.

Sounds like your all set