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: Reddington Nano Titanium

01-05-2002, 03:58 PM
I tested the 9' 9wt Nano Tinanium at the Danbury fly fishing show today and was very impressed. Its as good as if not better than my Loomis GLX being slightly lighter and around the same price point. I didn't buy it because frankly I don't need another 9wt - actually under normal circumstances I would have but I'm budgeted for a yak;)

Tha Danbury show was pretty good - not quite the scale of Marlboro or Somerset. This is their first year and it hasn't been that well advertised. It suited me since it was only a 10 mile drive. The highlight today was lefty Kreh doing his magic plus a strong contingent from Saltwater Edge and Kenny Abrames.

01-15-2002, 12:51 AM
here is the add my freind had me post. I know he still has the rod, it seriously has never been fished. I know you can get a better deal than the original.
for sale: new (unused) redington nano 9wt rod. they sell for $625.00... 1st $500.00 takes it. call ed at 508-339-1701

give him a call and do some horse trading. Tom D