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: CCA-NH Meeting Notice

01-05-2002, 01:51 AM
January & February Membership Meetings

Despite the lack of snow, winter is taking its toll on us dedicated saltwater fisherman. Find some relief from cabin fever at one of the following CCA New Hampshire membership meetings…

Seacoast Chapter

January 16 - "Tuna Fishing: Then and now." Ritchie White and Nick Strater present a combined film documentary of the Gulf of Maine tuna fishing from the 20's through the 70's...the way it was and may never be again. Vintage films of tuna fishing from the 1920's out of York, ME on Capt. Mike Strater's boat. (Narrated by Nick Strater, a world-class big game fisherman who fished with Ernest Hemingway.) Vintage films of tuna fishing from the 1960's out of Rye, NH on Capt. Ritchie White's boat. (Narrated by Ritchie White.)

February 20 - "Big Stripers in Skinny Water." Bill Hubbard presents his informative slide show on how, when, and where to find big bass in shallow waters. The discussion will focus on presenting artificials (flys and plugs) to "match the hatch" in various shallow water locations from kayak, float tube, small boat and wading. Weather permitting, Bill's fully-rigged kayak will be present with all the gear he uses to stalk saltwater gamefish here in New Hampshire and the surrounding area. A must-see.

Both Seacoast Chapter meetings will be held at the Urban Forestry Center; 45 Elwyn Road, Portsmouth, NH. Doors open at 5:30 PM for Seacoast Chapter Board of Directors meeting (all are welcome to attend) & door prize, raffles, and refreshments. Program starts at 7:00 PM. Free admission for members, guests and friends.

Central Chapter

January 22 - Brad Burns presents "Albie' and Bonito Fishing on the South Cape." Come meet the author of L.L. Bean's Flyfishing for Striped Bass as he discusses methods of fooling and battling New England's inshore "little tunnys." A great “how-to” seminar for this exciting New England fishery.

February 25 – Local Talents Night. For you fly tyers out there, “Doc” Weiner will display and demonstrate Len Root’s revolutionary dubbing machine (one will be raffled off at a later date.) Al Bovyn and Bob Ferri, two of our top fly tyers, will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate fly tying techniques that may be giving you problems

Both Central Chapter meetings will be held at the Fish & Game Headquarters in Concord, NH (F&G Conference Room). Doors open at 6:30 PM for door prize, and raffles. Program starts at 7:00 PM. Free admission for members, guests, and friends. Prior to the membership meeting, the Central Chapter will hold its Board of Directors meeting at the Windmill Restaurant at 5:00 PM (all are welcome to attend.)

Bill Hubbard’s Onshore Trading Company will be on hand at both chapter’s January meetings and the Central Chapter’s February meeting to appraise, buy, sell, trade and display old salt water fishing equipment. Now is the time to look in your attic, garage, cellar or shed. Bring in your old gear for a free appraisal by Bill. Too many antiques or too much junk to carry? Let Bill know and he will come to you!

State Information

CCA-NH’s State Board of Directors meet monthly. The next scheduled meeting is on January 14th at The Yard restaurant in Manchester, NH. Come at 5:30 for dinner and conversation, the meeting begins at 6:00 (all are welcome to attend.)

For any additional information, please call CCA-NH @ 603-731-2669

01-05-2002, 11:47 AM

Thanks for the enlightenment! I live in Concord and I will probable attend the Portsmouth meetings too.

I hope to meet you at one of the meetings.