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01-01-2002, 12:35 PM
Well, I deserve this one... I want you to picture this (and I am not being elitist because I am actually looking forward to it ).. You are fishing in a boat with good friends and you see a party boat drifting by with about 80 people on it, maybe less... anyway you notice one guy with a fly rod, arguing with others jockying for space. You say, "get a load of this guy".. You look closer.. the guy has a white moustache and a FFF hat... flats shorts and shirt.. striping basket with stickers.. bouncing off the railings. You also notice that he has spotted you guys...squinting... then you see him run off into the cabin... you all laugh... "that's weird".. Well that will be me.. My wife and Kids gave me a gift of a party boat trip. I really can't wait.. seriously...http://www.duhspot.com/users/smiley/s/otn/other/popworm.gif

01-01-2002, 01:03 PM
High risk venture, can we take out life insurance policies on you I have contacts at our life subsidiary ?


01-01-2002, 09:39 PM


I took a party boat trip last year with a bunch of old high school buddies. The most fun me and another guy had was catching mackeral on light spinning gear doing C&R. Some old timer was getting really pissed that we were out fishing him 5:1 and tossing them back.

And watch out for the guy in the black leather vest and two dozen knives. He'll sink quicker than the anchor.

01-01-2002, 11:05 PM
I went out on the Yankee fleet ~20 years ago from Salisbury. No one knew who was bringing the beer so we all brought it. Next thing you know everyone's tanked and the fish start to bite. I snuck a whole sea clam onto the hook and dropped her down to the depths... whump... huge fish, captain thinks it might be a halibut! Long fight later, I am standing with my feet on the middle rail and leaning back to show off re: the weight of the huge fish holding me up as I lean backward and the hook lets go! I tumble backwards into the icebox next to a couple of nasty wolf fish and slimy pollock on my drunken butt.

No it wasn't finesse fishing, not even close... but I still wonder about that huge fish. Having done the pacific northwest halibut fishery for over a decade I would have to say that it's likely that I did in fact have a rare atlantic halbut based on the weight and way it fought.

01-02-2002, 04:34 AM
My boss likes to take people out once a year on his boat to "tube and worm". I was able to bring along my flyod and had a blast. Guess who caught the biggest fish of all the trips. The company secetary who has never caugh a fish in her life! Hope you out fish those guys on the party boat. FishHawk:smokin: