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01-01-2002, 12:47 PM
I always miss THE primetime. I'm talking for decades now... Work, family illness, childbirth and the subsequent child birthdays :-)... Something. What happened to keep me from fising during the recent 10 day "dry window" in the puget sound region? Two weeks ago I became what a friend of mine refers to as a "meat missile". That term covers any unscheduled return to earth from a ladder or roof. In my case, at 6'4" and two hundred and COUGH COUGH! pounds it was closer to the currently trendy meat daisycutter! :eyecrazy: I got extremely lucky. It'll be a few more weeks until I can cast, and maybe a bit longer before I can put the lift on a fish or pull on waders, but I can hardly complain. Any success stories would dearly cheer my heart though... Oh yeah, my fly swap pattern might have changed. Something requiring less gymnastics.

01-01-2002, 01:21 PM
A little over 2 years ago I also took the "flyer." Amazing how much thinking/reacting you can do while dropping 20 some feet on to concrete. And no, you're life does not flash before your eyes. But you do contimplate 'has it been a good life?' on the way down. Anyway, the right lower arm is still two steel plates and 8 large screws holding 'humpdie dumptie' together again.

Major issue is hand damage; arm stuff will heal more quickly than you think. Hand stuff can take the better part of a year. Trust me, took almost 9 months before I could touch the tip of my little finger to the tip of my thumb. Still have to concentrate (actually look at the hand) to do it today. But with hand damage, as long as you can make a fist you can use a two hander!!

After about 90 day'sish could make a reasonable fist, at least tight enough to hold onto the top handle of my lighter spey rods. Tieing on a fly was a pain in the ass, but all things considered the fish didn't know.

You'll make some adjustments, but fewer than you think. It's just getting used to (short run) all the "automatic's" of life that you need help with. Pain in the fanny, but doesn't take long to adjust.

01-01-2002, 06:24 PM
Wow! I'm not in the same league as your injury. Closer to a 12 foot drop, and my impact was "spread" by landing mostly horizontally on my right side in the "superman" flying position. Stretched everything from the shoulder to the fingertips, but no breaks, and no tears that they can tell so far. Already had existing shoulder and wrist ligament damage, but nothing significantly new. Fists are out, as is the "curling" motion. Pulling on a door knob or pulling up socks or something like that will drop me to my knees instantly. Nothing makes you feel more powerless than saying "honey, can you open the microwave for me?" Best of luck on continued improvement on your injury. And sting a few steelies for me!

01-01-2002, 09:22 PM
Your about to find out how 'good' your marrage is:D

Bad info, but it was the better part of 45 days before I learned how to 'wipe my own butt' with my left hand. Still have to do that now. Only a wife who reaaaallllly looooves you will put up with that.:razz:

Sound like you got your cage really rattled but no perm. damage. Thank your lucky stars and God.