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: salmon/steelhead flyfishiing outfit

12-29-2001, 12:44 PM
I had the goodfortuen of gettin myself an early Xmas gift thanks to someone on this BB. Now I have too many flyrods and am selling off my primary graphite flyrod/reel. Figured this would be a good setup for the new fisherman/woman or a good backup.

The rod is a custom built 7/8wt 8'6" graphite Kunnan spiraltech in a moderate action. Iit has a fighting butt and was beautifulully built. Has black/gold wrapps and wallnut reelseat. I kept the rod up quite well.

The reel is a scientific anglers system1 789 (looks like a hardy knockoff) with three spare spols with backinng. I'm also throwing in 4 sets of fly liine for the spols, 2 DT and 2 sinktips (type 3 and 4).

Lastly, I'll throw in th cordura rod/reel case and a box of salmmon/stelhhad flies haat I have lying around.

$200 fiim, plus shipping. This would be an excelent starter set. Ii got alot of enjoyme out of this setup. The lins alone are over $140.