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: Ultimate US Yak River Trip

12-26-2001, 03:00 PM
There was a write up in the Chicago Tribune this past weekend on the three Chicago boys who made the ulimate US canoe trip this past year down the Missippi from its source to Gulf of Mexico.

Very interesting daily log of their trip, the wild life, people, and geology etc of this the largest US river.

Something for you yakers to consider. By the way the Upper Mississippi is beautiful with excellent smallmouth fishing. I have a friend from work with a house on the La Croix River in Minnesota near the wild scenic section of the La Croix, he keeps inviting me up. Got to keep up there soon.

Imagine the physical shape you would be in at the end of such a trip ? That is of course if you made it. Very physically enduring I for sure. Longest canoe trip in one day I have done was about 30 miles and I was beat at the end of that day.


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