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: test of sending a picture

12-20-2001, 05:30 AM
:) I have been trying to figure how to send a picture, not being very computer savy, I have not been able to. The picture is of a bluefish taken on Sugar Reef, which won the RIMS bluefish flyrod contest two years ago.:D

12-20-2001, 08:20 AM
Nice Blue Art, looks like you got the picture thing down ok.:whoa:
If anyone can help me out, I'd like to add the picture under "Nice fish Case" to the sidebar under my name? How do I do it ?

12-20-2001, 08:36 AM
I like that blue Art! He must have given a tug ha?
Much more photogenic than the one in Striblue's Avatar too.


12-20-2001, 08:58 AM
Ok Case,

If I'm misguiding you I hope someone from the board speaks up. Here's how you add an avatar (or at least how I did it) 1. Get the pic on your computer and shrink it to within the 100X100 pixel limit. 2. Save it as such. 3. On the site click "user cp", 4. from the menu that comes up click "edit options", 5. at the bottom of the page click "change avatar", 6. click the "use custom Avatar" option, 7. click on browse to find the pic you saved earlier on your computer, 8. once found double click on it, 9. click the "submit changes" button.

12-20-2001, 09:29 AM
Terry.... look out.... LOOKOUT! http://www.theunholytrinity.org/cracks_smileys/contrib/monsieurboo/tgv.gif..... Oh NOOOOO! poor Terry.;)

12-20-2001, 09:40 AM
Nice one Art!
Case, here's a small version of your nice fish Case photo. Just right click on this image and save as to your PC. You'll be able to attach it to your profile following Hawkeye's instructions.

12-20-2001, 12:35 PM

Nice Photo; Nice Fish!!

12-20-2001, 01:19 PM
Ouch. Looks like I just got flattened by a Toyota Tundra while crossing the street in downtown Chatham around 4:30 am. :hehe:


ps: Good one John!

12-21-2001, 05:37 AM
:) BCase, That was a nice fish, Striblue that was a much bigger blue that you caught, all my real big ones get away. Lefty, It seems to me that you have taken a few bragging fish also. I tried last night to capture from video, I took, of my grandson's 186 lb mako that he caught on standup gear. The fish weighed much more than him. Try getting one on a flyrod, I have, very difficult. :D

12-23-2001, 07:41 PM
Hey, I did it. I can follow instructions ! My wife was wrong.
Thanks Gregg and Jim. Now, can you help me catch a shark like Arts, on the fly ? That's my new wish for next season. A shark, a bonito, a false albie, and a tuna. Let's see, SSully has offered to get me hooked up in the bonito/albie hunt, I have
Capt. Al Anderson coming to speak at the CCA meeting in April, he can take care of the tuna cravings once I set up a charter with him, Now, anyone out there want to go chumming for shark this season? :D

12-23-2001, 08:49 PM
Mike and I gave it a shot 2 or 3 times last season ... Nada. I'm sure we will be trying again next season and if we get the bigger boat we want we'll be better able to get to the good spots. You're welcome to join us but you should be prepared for a potential slow day as our learning curve sometimes just doesn't look like a curve ______________________ . :rolleyes:

12-23-2001, 09:03 PM
I'm used to slow day's, my curve is more like a slider as well, you bet I'd like to tag along for a shark trip.:eyecrazy:

12-24-2001, 07:58 AM
You could check out Capt. Bruce Peters - he knows where them big ole' toothy critters hang out:D

His boat is also bigger than most of the sharks out there ...;)

12-24-2001, 09:03 AM
As much as I love my time on the floating putting green. I think Case's boat is the one I'd prefer to be in if something angry, toothy and as big as one of us was at the end of my line.

I'd love to try shark on the fly, intend to hunt down Art's son and Bruce this season to see what I can learn.

Of course if anyone with a boat wants to have me along for an expedition, I'll bring my own firearms ---


12-24-2001, 09:54 AM
Oh I think you're selling the floating putting green short! That's the designated area for clubing the beasties plus it doubles as a life raft when the shark takes a bite out of the hull. :D

12-26-2001, 07:56 AM
Roop, your welcome anytime, But, true to my conservative ways, How do you practice catch and release after the 44 Magnun has gone off ? I don't want to blast them, just a little peck on the lips and back they go. OK, so I'll forego the kiss, and if you have to shoot it, Please do it outside the boat, and only after I've lost one arm trying to get the hook out of it's mouth.
Seriously, we had a speaker at a CCA meeting give a presentation on shark fishing. Here we are at a conservation based group meeting and this guy is telling us how he kills the sharks, bottle of clorox, down the throat. "That will do it", he says. Man I could'nt get him outta there fast enough.:tsk_tsk:

Hawkeye, What's the new ride consideration you mentioned?:smokin:

12-26-2001, 08:38 PM

As finances allow it will be the biggest thing we can get in the towable range. Any ideas would be welcome as we have done no research as of yet.

12-27-2001, 06:40 AM
:) Gregg, Years ago I use to have a 21 foot Inboard Outboard which weighed about 3000 lbs. I use to tow it with a 1982 Jeep Eagle. I towed the boat as far as Rangley Lake in Maine with no problem. With todays horsepower towing is not really a problem, if you have 4 wheel drive. This being used to launch, and retrieve. There is nothing worst than trying to retrieve a boat on a slippery ramp. I also kept it on a trailer in the yard, saves slip fees.:D I will have to find somee of my photo albums.