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: A Journey to the Dark Side

12-12-2001, 03:53 PM
I woke up at about 6:30 this morning with an irresistible fishing jones. I was powerless against this force so I quickly accepted the fact that I would be a couple hours late for work this morning. I mentally located my two-hander, reel, vest, waders and boots, then I realized they were scattered all around our creaky old house. Retrieving them would without a doubt wake up our 20 month old, who had slept past 5:00 for the first time in two weeks. She, in turn, would wake up my wife who would take a dim view of me waking up the rugrat only to go skulking out of the house to go fishing. But I had to go fishing; I had a bad jones.

Desperate times etc, so I grabbed my box of spoons and my Lamiglas and crept out as the Columbia was just starting to reflect the lightening clouds above it. Twenty minutes later I was on the water. Twenty minutes after that I had a bright 34 inch stray B-Run buck and a chrome 33 inch stray B-Run hen on the bank. As far as hatchery fish are concerned, I'm always happy to act as an agent of natural selection.

You have to understand that I only brought about four fish home during September and October. Those quickly disappeared in my cold-blooded-flesh-only-eating household. I caught a lot of hot wild fish, which is all I could ever ask for, but there are people who just don't get it that some people are happy to separate fishing and harvesting. My wife for example, on occasion. So when I returned home to ice down those fish, and my wife looked at the fish, then at my box of spoons, and asked with a smile "why in the world do you flyfish all the time?" I didn't respond. "Because I like it better" is the simplest response, but such a simple answer would be lost in the brightness of those spoon-caught fish. How do you talk about how the rhythm of casting and stepping enhances your connection with the riverine world without sounding like an ass? I can’t, and I just proved it. So I tucked my tail between my legs and went to work. But as I was driving, I realized the slot I caught those fish out of would be perfect for a paint brush on a long leader with a floating line. The struggle continues…

12-12-2001, 05:43 PM
Somewhat like being on a business trip, stop in the hotel bar for a 'libation.' Quitely minding ones own business when the young lady puts her hand on your sholder and asks: "Is this set taken?"

Life has too many "choices?"


12-12-2001, 09:31 PM
Just the simple fact that you came to confess here reinforces that we are truly a flyfishing site. You'd never go to a non-flyfishing site and post that. So in effect, that was really a flyfishing post, even if there was no "fly" in the "fishing". And a downright enjoyable one to read as well!

A dozen "Hail Mary's and come back again on Sunday"... comes to mind? :p