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: New Zweeeland

12-12-2001, 07:30 AM
Just got back, and it really is better than I could have imagined. When combined with frequent flier miles, I think it is the best value in fishing destinations. We spent as little as $150 a person for room, board, guide and tip. Can't beat that.
The fishing was amazing. My biggest was an 11# brown that took a #14 Black Elk Hair Caddis. That fish put to rest any doubts that my bamboo couldn't handle a nice fish.
I can't wait to go back.

12-12-2001, 07:39 AM
Wish I was there. :)
Weren't you nervous about flying to the other side of the world. :eyecrazy:
I would love to relocate to N.Z.
However, its too far to drive. :hehe:

Dble Haul
12-12-2001, 09:32 AM
A trout of that size on a dry fly is one to remember! Congratulations, and glad you had such a good time. Someday I hope to get over there.

Hey Mayflyman, maybe we could drive together? ;)