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: paddle or oars (whatever you call em)

12-08-2001, 02:38 PM
I have an inflatable kayak that comes with a oar system that does not work so well.

It is really nice for lakes. It has a removable floor for finning and can be put back in if you are just paddling. The picture shows it with the floor removed. On rivers it could really use a better rowing system.

So I am looking to get a kayak paddle for it and am looking for suggestions. Don't want to get too spendy as i am not sure how I will like it.

What do you guys suggest?


12-08-2001, 03:18 PM
WOW! You know I've been thinking about inflatables for use in the salt, that thing looks great Sean! Would it be possible to get in from the hole in the front if you had to?

How much does it weigh / length / etc?

Why don't we trade - I've got the bucks bag bronco. We'll trade back when you get out here, if I like it I'll buy one when you move out.

12-08-2001, 03:38 PM
Here are the specs:

*9 1/2' Boat

* PVC Sewn Seam Pontoons

* Foam Block Seat (optional air seat available)

* Two Splash Proof Pockets

* Stripping Apron

* Weighs 22 lbs

* Load Capacity 350 lbs.

* 3 Year Warranty

The reason i chose this was the foam cell blocks that make up the seat, backrest and removable floor. This makes the kayak in a way unsinkable cause even if the pontoons burst there is enough foam floatation to keep you going until help arrives. This is what i like about this kayak as opposed to the stearns.

If you had to get in the hole you can. There is a foam black piece the buckles in if you dont want the compartment open. However I usually leave if off cause you can stand up in it in shallow water and not have to worry abut the thing floating away cause your legs are in the way. here is what i mean:

The other good thing about these is they only cost 500 which I think is a steal. Also when carrting it you can put your arm through the bottom opening and sling it over your shoulder to carry it. It also only draws a couple inches of water so it can be dragged quite easily in shallow water.

I definitely would trade you and you could put it through its paces in the salt. I think with a kayak paddle this thing cold hold its own in the salt.


12-08-2001, 06:59 PM

Here's the bucks bag. Mine is dark green and not as evolved as the new ones, it was a first year model but still goin' strong and a sweet rig for rivers up to class III. If you don't mind getting wet you could push that envelope but for the western WA rivers it's perfect.

Let's figure out shipping details! I wonder if Doublespey can help us out there?? :D

12-08-2001, 07:13 PM
Sounds good and I still have the box and can ship it whenever. Mine is royal blue and not the red pictured. Hope it works out for you and you are not a stickler for color:). Now you have to figure out something else to get for your bday/xmas. I am sure that will not be a problem....

Now i can maybe get Ryan to show me around some steelhead rivers. He said a guided trip for anyone who sent in a steelhead petition:p.