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: Green River?

12-02-2001, 10:01 PM
Just curious as to how many people fish the Green river between Headworks and the Highway18 meathole.

12-02-2001, 10:22 PM
Hi steelworker -

I fished it HARD for about 12 years! There is so much water between the headworks and Soos Crk, where to start? I caught my first flyrod steelhead at Nishimoto farms. A native buck too. Second cast of the day! Never forget it.

One year I released 11 steelhead, 10 of which were nates during the last 9 days of the season before they closed the river to protect the natives. MOst of these were before work or on the way to pick up goceries for the wife!

I rose a steelhead to the surface in front of my mother at Horseshoe one day. I'll have to post that in the fishing stories section.

How bout you?

12-03-2001, 12:02 AM
Because of school, I cant drive out to the OP every week (you're saved Bob ;))...

So I think the Green River may get a couple fishing days from me next March as it and the Nooksack stay open till the 15th of March I believe or maybe even the 31st. Want to stay away from the crowds on the Skagit and the Sauk for as long as possible-if they are open.

12-03-2001, 07:34 PM
Hey Juro,
I've only been fishing for Steelies for a little over a year.And have only been fishing the Green since it opened in June of this year. But the catch to that is that I've fished nearly every weekend since June. I'm rather rabid about it, much to the disapproval of my loving, though limited-of-patience, wife.
I'm not fammiliar with the hole names, but I've concentrated most of my efforts inbetween Flaming Geyser and Whitney Bridge.
I took my first Steelie near the toy airfield and have since hooked three more(all were released excepting my first one.......a silver hatchery hen of about 8 lbs.) including raising two fish to the top.(one on accident and one intentionally......though I hooked neither)
I just had my first winter hook-up, and though he eventually spit my hook back at me, I'm confident that if the river levels can stay pretty much where they're at, I'll have my revenge and then some(with any luck) this coming weekend.
Where's Nishimoto farms? any help escaping the onslaught of combat anglers would be warmly recieved. I spent most of the fall casting to summer runs in complete solitude on most days, so my nerves are a lil' on edge with the sudden interest in my stalking grounds.
You spent much time at Kanasket-Palmer? Come January I hope to spend a little time camping and fishing. The water looked oh so fishable when I checked her during summer flows.
Well anyway, it was good to meet ya.
Take care,

12-03-2001, 08:07 PM
The secret to Palmer is to camp there. This is because the ranger opens the gate around 8am or something, and in the summer that stretch is stacked like cordwood with steelhead. If you want to see something amazing, cross over the top of th horseshoe and climb up the bluff. Be careful, a spill there could be your life. When the sun is on the water, take a peek into that hole with polarized glasses. You should see somewhere between 30 - 150 fish depending on the day and time of year.

If you are the guy swinging a fly predawn to the time they open the gates up to the day shift, your chances are as high as anywhere in the state. There are a few more holes that no one fishes except a local guy or two. Just hike down from the primitive campsite area and you'll see what I mean. Another stack pool with good water above and below, much better than horseshoe.

When I camped there my also loving not-so-patient wife would ask "why the heck are you camping just up the street?". Well, when the others came in as the gate opened, I was already done and smiling ear to ear. Bring home a still-hot loaf of potato bread from Black Diamond bakery and I was forgiven.

I've also done very well all along the Geyser stretch. Way under-rated, and especially good in the early phase of the run.

Nishimoto is down river. Hard to explain, but private land that the owner gives access to fishermen. Futher down than Metzler park, another hotspot often ignored.

If you have a pontoon boat try floating it from Geyser to Soos Crk someday. Give yourself the whole day - what an amazing river that nobody sees. Summer run, winter run - doesn't matter you'll see fish all through that valley segment of the river as long as the run is on they will be there.

The Green is not the Sky, Skagit or Hoh - but it was a few minutes from my door and I fished the hell out of it. It doesn't lack fish, that's for sure. Mostly what it lacks is people who really know it.

The spring nates are surprisingly unknown to most.

12-03-2001, 10:53 PM
When it gets closer to March 1, I'll have to shoot you an email to get some specifics on that float...Im very intrigued.


12-04-2001, 12:57 AM
Ok this will be a stupid question.. Where exactly is the Green???

12-04-2001, 01:07 AM
It flows from the Cascades and heads west. If runs south of Lake Washington as Lake Washington used to drain into the Green until that Army Corps of Engineers got some bright idea.

It enters Puget Sound at Elliot Bay in South Seattle.