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: Schnauzers of steelhead unite...

09-06-2001, 06:25 PM
I'm trying to nail down my plans for a visit to the PNW, time to be spent between steelhead and saltchuck coho. I'd really love to meet as many people as possible, so if you're able to get away on a weekend, or even a weekday during the third week of the month please let me know.

Some options I would toss out there are:

a) Big gathering (river) - big river, maybe the Cow, because we can either spread out and regroup for lunch -or- float a stretch and meet at the take out to compare notes. The upper Sky, Stilly, Peninsula rivers, etc. Staying at Forks and branching out into different directions to gather for chow later would work too, mixing up the paired up anglers each segment of the day, etc.

b) Big gathering (saltchuck) - this is easy, because the cost of lodging would drop sharply due to the number of people splitting accomodations. Boat rental would be split either two or three ways depending on how you want to split the casting up (with three there are two casting at a time and we take turns). Renting a larger unit at one of the Sekiu lodges would let us bring the cost w-a-y down.

c) Happenstance - Another option is to just see how it goes, if you reply to this post I'll figure you're interested in hooking up and I will inform you of my itinerary via email. You can then let me know if you are interested in hooking up say on the upper Hoh on such and such a day, etc.

d) Please suggest things! - If you think there's a honey hole you wouldn't mind sharing with someone who flies home (keeping your secret safe for another year), mention it and I might be able to adjust the intinerary so it works within your schedule and locations.

In any case, where I was once a host I have become a guest; yet my heart has not grown less fond as the saying proposes. Since my time on steelhead and salmon waters has become the exception rather than the rule, I pray that my knowledge doesn't shrink as the years go by as long as my lust for flyfishing in the region remains strong; and hope also that despite the diminished pace I will always be building on what I have with the little I might gather each year.

Man, am I glad I fished my ass off for the 12 years I was there! }>

09-06-2001, 07:53 PM
Juro, I doubt my ability do travel to far this time of year but if you find yourself in the Southwest part of the state it would be my pleasure to guide you for a day on the Klickitat (if it's not blown) If it is we could join the crowd on the Mouth of the Deschutes in the morning and evening and spend the sunny hours in a little semi- secret location.

09-06-2001, 09:33 PM
I had origonally planned on taking the whole last week of Spetember off to make a trip to the Skeena system but I cant find anyone to tag along with me.

I can just as easily take the week prior off or atleast somedays as I would love to fish Sekiu!!! The Peninsula rivers sound like a gread idea as the cooler waters of September bring the Queets and Hoh into perfect shape!!! :) And it wouldnt require a whole lot of travelling.

Plus, if the Wenatchee and Methow openings get pushed through that could put a whole new dimension into your trip...there are already 3000 adults holding in the Wenatchee itself.

Must keep the 22nd open for the Symposium!!

BTW-I have an Explorer that I can shove a couple pontoon boats in plus I have access to a couple of boats as well. Maybe we could put a float together one day.

09-07-2001, 10:22 AM
Not sure if I can do much more than a one day fish close to home but count me in for that. If nothing else, a sip or two of single malt one evening.


09-10-2001, 08:04 PM
My Mother has decided to visit through next thursday (the 20th?). But I'm down for the weekend (22nd-23rd), a weekday afternoon walk in trip (any week), or the next weekend. On a Coho trip I'd need my own room. I'm a bad sleeper... Not a snore-machine. More like an insomniac who rolls around all night and makes noise...