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: Sometimes you just gotta take a break from the hunt.

09-04-2001, 10:50 AM
Had a nightmare of an exploration trip last weekend which included dehydration, a twisted ankle (alone, with miles of river walk left), and falling into the river twice. No fish, but the exploration will pay off someday since both falls were into water "3 to 6 feet deep, moving at a walking pace, and whose surface was broken up by boulders" and nobody for miles :-D Anyway, I decided to take things a little easier and work my local municipal lake. Final tally: 6 trout, 3 bass, a bunch of Pumpkinseed (talk about beautiful!), and a bunch of perch. If I had caught a crappie it would have been a grand slam! I was also the only float tube on the lake, since as everyone knows, fishing is only good on this type of lake in the spring and fall ;-) The batteries are now fully charged!!!! Anadromids beware!

09-04-2001, 01:12 PM
Hey Philster,

Glad to hear you're OK.

I've been there - broke my shoulder in two places climbing around the upper Sky last October. Have had numerous other scrapes and falls, but that was the worst.

I usually fish alone, but was very glad that on that particular day I was fishing with a friend.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of luck for us to return from our excursions into the wild!!


Fred Evans
09-04-2001, 05:23 PM
Boy, you touch on my greatest personal fear. Here on the upper Rogue it's not hard to have 500 yards of empty beach and no one in site if you take the header. I carry a small portable air horn in my fly vest. No weight but plenty of noise; another vest has a police (actually old soccer ref's) whistle.

You can shout til you're blue in the face .... but an air horn or whistle, this people can hear and will come investigate.