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: they all count don't they?

11-27-2001, 07:12 AM
Have been thinking over the seasons highs and lows and my mind fell to wondering about the prospects of atlantic salmon...

Now I have never caught a multi sea winter fish or a summer fish, but I did on a few occassions catch a spring fish. Fully silver, fresh as a daisy - a real bar of silver.

Well a small bar... :D on every occasion it was a smolt running to sea instead of an adult fish running to fresh water!:rolleyes:

And it got me thinking to the smaller fish we catch. I remember a couple of you talking about the small stripers on the Striper board and there was some talk about being able to catch as many as possible and having a great time. Every so often I fish high mountain lakes and have enormous amounts of fun with small, greedy, (although fully grown) brown trout. And in rivers too I have caught many small greedy (this time juvenile) brown trout, and released them all unharmed. I don't really tire of the thrill of connecting with these wild and eager fish and each one could be the grand daddy untill his rolling and splashing gives him away as another 1/4 pounder.

As my mind wandered I realised that in my fishing career I have caught a good many species and of a umber of these I have manged, quite by accident, to catch the juvenile forms...

This season alone I met with baby pike, baby pollack, baby salmon, baby trout, baby flatfish (a few species), baby cod, baby wrasse... etc (I think you get the point). On each occasion I am always amazed by the form of the fish and the colour and the fact that it will (hopefully) grow into something more substantial. A friend even caught a baby blue shark (not on fly) and was more amazed by this tiny 3lber than by any of the larger fish he ever caught - up to 120bs.

And I wondered has anyone caught a baby tuna? even a BFT? what are they like as kids? Or any other of the fish you go after....


11-27-2001, 08:44 AM
A very thought-provoking question indeed. When I catch a real juvenile gamefish it makes me marvel at the agression and sheer will to gain a foothold in the world that only these young fish have. Sometimes the fly is almost as big as they are. Trouts have such amazing coloration, parr marks and exagerrated features like the white tips of fins, etc. Besides later on they get so darn smart :p

11-27-2001, 11:06 AM
Myles, if the small ones didn't count, my catch numbers would be cut by a third. Some are so small, I don't really mention them but I still give them a once over before returning them.

If it takes my fly, pulls my line and fights for it's life then I count it - I'm sure they do!

11-27-2001, 11:52 AM
Hey Sprocket!

how was your trip? Did you get to wet a line?

11-27-2001, 04:49 PM
Hi Myles - no didn't get to wet any lines but I didn manage to get into Duffy's & Freeney's (didn't go next door though, went to the Quays for one ;)).
I've got a bunch of flies from Duffy's - some Rogan's and some of the other two gents he has tying (I forget their names). Freeney's has some Rogan's on sale for a pound - dropped another tenner "fairly lively".
I was surprised to see the knock-off vises & how low the prices were. Pretty good alternatives to what we've got here. Tried for comapre rods too but the makers are all different - hard to gauge without casting.
Drove along the Burren and saw all the markers from the pamphlets you sent - what a great thing to kinda know where I was before I got there. Thanks again for the info.
The Cliffs - WOW! Looked across at the island and saw the sun shining on the village, a few hundered yards to the right came the rain...unbelievable (not D'unbelieveables).
Next time I'm over it's for 10 days & I'm bringing rods, no doubt & NO arguments from my Galway Girl - I'll get her some gear of her own if I have to (fortunately, she's already agreed to drive & fish with me - where's the preist, she's a keeper for sure)
Ever fish in the Shannon estuary? Looked like a great place to fish, aside from the planes of course.
I'll be back - maybe we can meet and swap stories over a beverage or two.

11-27-2001, 06:36 PM
She'll ne'er ha'e ye ere ye dinna l'arn how ta spell :p

11-28-2001, 08:28 AM
I told you you'd go.... and be impressed by the cliffs. The rock marks on the way are some of my favourites in the country. Nothing like fishing there on an evening watching the sun set...

The Shannon Estuary is full of good spots too... but I've only ever fished the south shore, which is odd really cos the North shore looks much better... (despite the planes).

There is some excellent bass fishing from a boat especially near one of the warm water outfalls. I have yet to give it a go but I have read a few brilliant reports. The skippers are almost used to seeing flyrods and clouser minnows now instead of uptiders and mackerel strips etc

When you are here next I will have wander around some of those marks with you for sure.

(or even just a wander around a pub if the weather is no good)


PS same offer is there for any of ye thinking of making the trip