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: Elk River Colorado

08-04-2013, 12:18 PM
Hi everyone, I have just joined the Fly fishing Forum and so far I like it very well.
My brother and life long friend and I are planning a trip out to Steamboat Springs, Colorado the second week of Sept. We have never been out in Sept. before and are really looking forward to the trip. We were out last year in the middle of Aug, fished the Yampa, Colorado, The Blue, Trout Creek, and some more small streams. Trout Creek and the Yampa was GREAT, the Colorado was OK but the Blue was a big disappointment. We are wanting to try the Elk River this year. I was wondering if anyone has fished the Elk that could give us a heads up on where to go. If anyone has any more suggestions of some different streams in that area would be great. Love fishing different streams.

Looking forward to hearing about different fishing stories.