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: Latest Issue of "Tide"

11-16-2001, 09:18 AM
In the back under the State breakdowns there was mention of the "Striper Poster" Local Inititive. However, Credit was given to "Tim" Weir; obviously a misspell of our own Terry (Lefty) Wier. Cudos Buddy!

Also, there was an article on the "No Fishing Zone" Issue, with a reminder to get behind the "Right to Fish" Legislation introduced by two Texas Congressmen.

Finally, there was a decent Article by Frank Dagnault on Fall Striper Fishing.

11-16-2001, 11:33 AM
"Terry" is also featured on the CCA - Mass web site where he was recognized for coming up with the idea. Nice job Terry!

I hope people will finally get behind the "No Fishing Zone" issue, I brought it up last winter and found that most people feel it's no big deal since it "doesn't effect them". Some day it will and by then, it's too late.


11-16-2001, 01:46 PM
I haven't thought about this issue and have no leaning either way. So I'm just wondering why there is a fear of ANY water being closed to fishing? There is plenty of land closed to hunting, if you think about it-the majority is. Finding land to hunt on is a chore. It sounds like the typical NRA response to gun control. "Let them have one inch of gun control and they will take away all guns". That is tough to defend politically. Just asking and sure as hell don't want to move this discussion into a gun control debate. But why is it all or nothing? It seems like the economics of closing large tracks of water would be locally impossible given the hit the local economies would take. It just couldn't happen. Right? And creating a place for fish to have sex is good right? It's similar to limiting fishing on the Chesapeake where 10 boats can wipe out a whole generation of the east coast schoolies. That water is already closed for good portions of the year. I don't get it.

Tim Weir (aka Lefty)