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: While striblue was hammerin' bass....... Bob had dem blues!

Bob Pink
08-26-2001, 01:42 PM
A relativly slow striper morning found us down at Bearses and the point rip of Monomoy at slack. Decided to play with some of the bluefish that I had seen on the West side of Monomoy the evening before. No surprise that they were still there, pods of 4 - 5# fish cruising in 18'-20' depths.
While setting up a drift ahead of one of the pods I was looking towards the west shoreline and noticed a large number of gulls right along the waterline and unusually active. Found thousands of bluefish pushing bait right up onto the shore in waters more shallow than I had ever seen ( as low as 6" ).
Found a 3' deep channel to drop anchor, stuffed a handful of flies, some wire and pliers in the pocket. Grabbed the 8wt and went overboard. Great fun casting to these packs of fish, having three or four turn and track the fly then high sticking them as they screamed away.
After a lunch and water break we decided to try our luck on stripers again, headed back to the east. Found some surface action about 4 miles east of Bearses but it wasn't consistant enough to stay with. Since that already had us set up a bit further outside than I normally go I headed north, keeping the same distance from the beach until we stumbled upon the largest band of birds and breaking fish I've seen in years. The bluefish had found those schools of juvie bait that the stripers were on two days before and it was mayhem.
Bluefish up to about 8-10# all working on top. There was nothing picky or challenging about these guys, if it was in the water it got clobbered. Had to retire the 8wt and go to the 10wt to make the 'fight' reasonable. Finally left with the action going full tilt about 3:00pm.
No hardtails.

08-26-2001, 08:56 PM
Sounds incredible! I ended up taking the family on a Nauset picnic / beach day. We decided to pack the fam damily and a couple of her brother's kids and go to Nauset looking like the beverly hillbillies oversand. I was biding time eating sandwiches and playing with the kids so she could relax, no fishing. We were heading back to get ready for dinner when a dense wheeling and dipping bird mass was working where dozens of beach goers stood watching at attention. We couldn't see over the edge of the forebeach / berm so I veered off the tracks, down a deep trench, and up the other side. My wife is asking "what are we doing now?" hanging on for dear life as my son and I have our faces to the glass. I say to him "is that what I think it is?" as we hit the top of the crest. Sure enough, the water is BLACK and BLUE and churning with the thickly packed bodies of 8-10# blues gorging on pea bunker! Everybody out of the water! Anyone with a rod was into fish. Luckily we had a little light spin rod in the back of my truck, and I started digging thru the boxes in the back of my truck for something to throw at them. I find this metal sand eel lure, tie it with no wire and hand the rod to my son. It was pretty much like Bob says, anything in the school and BANG! We run the beach trying to get a shot and pass Bill Stanton fighting a big blue with his son. I stop long enough to joke about the spin rods "we're just doing it for the kids, right?" he laughs as he reels and we run on past thru the crowd. People are hooking up left and right, lines are popping, people are stumbling on the sand and getting clobbered by waves. It's a madhouse! My wife and kids are flabbergasted at the scene.

My son got to land a nice fat blue and lose everything on the very next cast, so we head back. We filleted the blue and grilled it cajun style with rib eye steaks and shrimp kabobs for the extended family. It was a great get together with a cottage full of her relatives.

Monday thru Thursday evenings were big bass surface action bonazas with a dozen fish in the mid-thirties the rule according to some Nauset regulars I talked to. These are hardcore guys I have seen on the beach many times.

The area right at the public beach got blitzed hard two days ago. Back beaches are heating up for the fall run!