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: Where would you go?

08-21-2001, 12:12 PM
I've got Thursday and Friday off this week...heading to Chatham on Friday, but want to take the 'yak for something more exotic on Thursday. Popponesset is sounding pretty nice with the blues and macs. There may even be some bones showing their pointy faces. Is there a puplic place to drop a 'yak and park? I dropped in at S. Cape beach in May, but know that I don't have a chance in August without a resident sticker. Also, is anyone interested in meeting up? Would you go somewhere else?

08-21-2001, 07:02 PM
Hi Steve, sorry about the long delay in replying, hope you got some too-good-to-post spots in the email inbox... but let's discuss this just in case ;)

If you're heading to Chatham on Fri you are just looking for a 'filler' for Thursday, right?

The Monomoy area (west flats) tides are 10am-ish minus (.4) on the bottom end, thus you would have high sun as the flood covers the flats. Great conditions, were it not for the Tstorm threat and general doginess of sight fishing of late.

Yeah, with the peabunker running the shoreline along South Cape across Wacky and on to the various locales at Poppy and beyond, it's a good bet that you'll find some excitement with blues, macs, and even a bone. The stripers have also been sitting on these pogie hordes as well. The bait size is quite small. You don't need to match the hatch though, we found that fish pounding the pea bunker schools were willing to take other patterns.

There are a couple of other state accesses in the vicinity where a yak could be launched. I scoped out the entire area one year and found a few good spots, one on the main drag heading toward Oregon beach in Cotuit and the other at the tip of the point up inside Waquiot Bay. I can't recall the names but you can find them on a DeLorme map.

Generally any location where you can stake out the west to east against current movement of the pea bunker schools will probably bring gamefish to attack.

This would include Loop Beach, dump the yak in early and paddle over to the neck. You could explore all around that island and I am sure you'd find some action. You'd have to leave when the residents arrive 9am-ish, unless the kids watching the beach don't bother looking at your vehicle.

After the boneclave last weekend I would say a paddle to the inlet jetties from Great River ramp or Childs River (WHite's Landing) would provide some excitement for you. If it were me, I would just paddle out to the west jetty and fish from the rocks rather than from the yak. The currents get strong out there and it wouldn't be easy especially with the big boats in that area, many of which don't have much concern for yakkers. It wouldn't be your best outing though... there are many better.

Bottom line -

If you are willing to do the 5am - 9am shift you can do that just about anywhere. If you want a mid-day parking and lesuirely outing schedule, the list shrinks considerably.

I'd be happy to offer some specifics on a couple of very good options if you email me.

08-22-2001, 11:33 AM
I will be in Chatham all weekend and the family is back in Boston so I am planning on a full day on Saturday at least.. Starting at the light house... then to the rip rider... but things have been pretty good this year so there are a number of places to fish down there. Who will be in Chatham this weekend?

08-22-2001, 12:39 PM
I'll be in Chatham Friday with a friend on his flats boat. We'll probably do our usual: off South for big bass and lots of blues, clamming at low tide and finally (if the bass and blues disappear mid-day) some fluking for the table. Good luck!

08-22-2001, 12:41 PM
I might be around John, depends on the family. Hope they all wanna go, that'll give me all the off hours to chase the action. If we do I am going to spend some time scoping the south sound river mouths on the start of the ebb, trying to re-live some of the inshore tunoid blitzes I've seen during the years before I knew what was the deal was with the funny fish.

My son was talking about wanting to go fishing, if that happens it's a sure thing for Monomoy with the wife's blessings. I'll keep you informed as I find out the scoop.

Tides are good for a rip trip BTW.