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: Where do... where do we go now?

08-22-2001, 09:14 AM
OK, no guns and roses. }>

August -

Rip Trip: This weekend is a good candidate for a rip trip and the Esteys' had a stellar day last week. Mung, but when it cleared the rip was loaded with fish. Exotics are in the vicinity, what a kick that would be.

Early September -

Rhody Tunoid Fever: small craft and sorties to specific high probabilty inshore structures along the south side. Lots of pea bunker now running the shoreline making in tight action a very good bet. If boaters join in, run the famous Sugar Reef area from Napatree point to Fisher's Island for bonito, albies, spanish, bass and blues. Cabins at Burlingame State Park campground, cheap.

Special guest: Pete L. from Calgary will be in Rhody 2nd week in September.

Late September: Outer Limits

With 4x4 passes about to expire for the year and migration getting started we should get together to work the big backside beaches in small groups (I can only take three for instance) to spread out from the race to the Chatham. Two-handers welcome ;)

October: Fall classic, Rhode Island Octoberfest (Rhodyfest)

Burlingame cabins and tent sites, open fires allowed, drive to the site (no boat shuttle) so bring the big chairs and awnings. Right on the main drag with access to East Beach, Charleston, Quonny, Weekapaug, Napatree, Watch Hill, etc. Almost the season ender.

November: Carolina Clave

Early November, plans TBD for a trail-blazing expedition to experience 20 pound albies. I want to know why Steve Moore and crew goes down there armed for bear and come back without a working rod/reel outfit and minus a few fly lines, bleeding knuckles, but smiling after a few days of fishing.

Winter: Casting get together, tying session, show


08-22-2001, 04:27 PM
Rip Trip this weekend sounds good to me. I'm in for Saturday which will be the better day for me Sunday's are tough getting off the Cape and work on Monday. Next weekend is Labor
day Weekend and it will be a zoo on the Cape.

08-23-2001, 03:55 PM
For starters, rip trip on sat or sun of the labor day WE sounds good to me otherwise, maybe someone would like to join me on the boat around Monomoy that WE, lets discuss ! Any WE during sept except the WE of 22nd/23rd I'm open as well as the prior week, vacation time, wife says "go fish !", And that N.C. clave sounds great, let's do it !