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: This week's RI Reports PartII

08-23-2001, 03:50 PM
Shore Bound Angler's

Try to arrive in the morning to your fishing destinations. During the day light hour's predatory fish, boaters, and other fisherman will separate schools into smaller pods. For this reason baitfish tend to unify themselves during the nighttime hours. They often seek protective calmer and shallower waters. The absence of morning winds will stabilize their location and make locating them that much easier. Bluefish will move schools of bait along the shore quite rapidly, so anticipating their progress is important. They will tend to hold in locations where they can trap the bait.

Fish areas where there is moving water. Obviously fish move off shore during the day. Getting your offering to them becomes impossible. Places like Narrow River, Warren and the Barrington Rivers have bridges to reach your target. Rivers with restrictions hold bait and are transition lanes for fish. Just fish the correct tides. If you can't get to the fish make them come to you. Obviously breachways, jetties, and points of land are important location too. Excellent place to trap bait.

Don't forget about the skippies? These new offspring of the year bluefish in the six-inch category are a hoot to catch on light tackle. The out going tides around the bike path estuary systems, Veteran's Parkway, Bay Springs and others tidal outflows make it a fun day for adult and children alike.