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: Sat 9-1-01 : Chatham, Monomoy

09-03-2001, 07:52 PM
Picked up Pete at 4:30am, sleepless night for me but it was good to see an old friend again. Calgary is a long ways off but Pete's a good buddy and we're always very close in our thinking... flyfishing, flyfishing, amd more flyfishing!

Started out the morning at the lighthouse. Predawn and the parking lot was already packed! Finally saw a couple of familiar vehicles in the crowd, Pete and I suited up and headed down the stairs.

Pea soup fog. Tide was a little odd, the bars weren't navigable. Pete and I stayed inside where there were a million peabunker, fat and feisty shorts were in the deep trench as we worked out to the point (JeffB - we were 'walkin' the dog). Large blues being caught right at the bottom of the stairs, so we moved on rather than wiring up.

Worked out toward the point. I made a deep swing in the classic big girl manner and connected on a large fish. Started zipping line out of the basket, felt heavy. Boiled on top down near Pete, then spit the hook. Moved on out toward the bars.

Walking thru the shoal waves, I spotted some fish buzzing around on the flat. One follow, a boil but no contact.

I noticed one of the holes had an ocean facing cut. Noted that observation for the flood. Pete and I continued outward, but the tide had turned and everyone started coming in from the outer shoals.

Tide was definitely moving in now, everyone was heading back so I took a shot in that bowl I noted with the ocean
cut. Strip. Strip-strip - BANG! Didn't get it. Strip-strip - BANG! fish on! After a great fight, 31" to hand and released. Domenic took a cast - BANG! A twin keeper. We should've stayed, but time was wasting and they have been ticketing at the late after 9am so we headed for Monomoy.

Rain fell like a sheet, flooding the streets and soaking us completely. Lightning was a possibility. Rip Ryder seemed convinced it would clear which raised our optimism. PeteL, Fred, Domenic, etc headed down to the west flats. Couldn't get where we wanted due to tide, so stuck it out for a while where we were. I saw a large pod of good fish coming across the flat... cast the fly... rendezvous set correctly... line goes tight, set, fish on! Then the fish clears the water completely using that sharply forked tail! Big blue in the 8-9 pound class in 20" of water on the flats?! Moved on toward the humps.

On the way, we worked a flat I fish often (Nick - you know the one). Partway down Pete hooks up... due to line problems the fish gets off. I see a small pod and hook up, small fish. Keep working along to the corner of the flat. The wind is howling head on and a 20 foot cast is a good one. Water is churned up and skies are not consistent and get light, dark a lot. Suddenly I see three legals in formation coming out of the deep water heading to pass by me about 15 ft away. I get a monster 12 foot cast into this headwind but the fly drifts nicely toward the fish as I give it a tease and >THWONK!< my second nice drag burner of the day. Any multi-legal day is a good day in my book. I am no Jimmy Houston but I could have kissed this fish because the conditions were just so poor and the sighting was so slim. Not a good sight fishing day and we walked almost as much as that day on South Tip. ;)

It was no picnic trying to fish NM in those conditions, but the objective was to show the spot and technique to people who would come back to fish it later in the week/weekend. I think we succeeded in that and got a couple to show for the troubles.

9-02-01... a WHOLE different story...

09-03-2001, 11:25 PM
Juro, good to hear how you guys did on NM. It was also good to meet you personally that morning. Fishing was tough on South Beach that day also. As you pointed out in the boat, as soon as we got off, the birds were scarcely working on the surface. I started working the surf towards the south with a sandeel pattern. There were couple other guys fishing the south tip, but seemed like not much was happening. As usual seals were crusing right against the shore. Within the next three hours, I saw one 10+ pound blue landed. Decided to fish the flats, as soon as I got on the other side, the tide was coming in strong, and the head wind was very challenging. But, I started seeing birds working the edge of the channel and within minutes, blitz everywhere. A school of 4 to 5 pound class blues were pushing the bait fish closer to the shore and the blitz came within 30 feet of casting range. Literally birds were right above my head. But, frankly, it was quite frustrating for I couldn't cast beyond 20 feet against 20 knot head wind. I couldn't help but laugh.
After two blitzes passing right in front of me, I head back to the surf side. After a good home-made roast beef sandwich accompanied by my wife, I regained my strength and worked the holes northbound and picked up one 26" bass.

Another tough day of fishing, but a time well spent. I definitely have to try some of the spots you recommended next time.

Tight lines!

09-04-2001, 08:59 AM
ahhhhh...'walking' the dog.

nice! wish I could have been there-a-walkin' with ya.

Although nothing could match the look on your face when your first cast out and, half jokingly, said "Hey Jeff! Watch this...[one step, two step, three step]...<THWONK>"

"The eagle has landed!!! The eagle has landed!!! Hey Jeff, I think we found a winner..."

That was funny as s#@!.

[quote]juro (09-03-2001 08:52 p.m.):
...fat and feisty shorts were in the deep trench as we worked out to the point (JeffB - we were 'walkin' the dog).

09-04-2001, 11:15 AM
The day started with promise out on the bars, in the fog. Fishy and surreal. After the front pushed through things died, except maybe at Nauset.

Lovely day for a stroll on the flats - gentle breeze, good company and an oppurtunity to work on casting into the wind.
It was good to wind down and vegetate at the CAC after with a great cup of John's Maui (or whatever) coffee. By the time I got back to Dennis I was one tired puppy.

It was great seeing every one.

Got the word from my wife that we will be working around the house next weekend. My interperatation is, I'll work my butt off Saturday and spend Sunday at NM provided the weather is good. I like the tides.

Following weekend is a Cape weekend. Fishing limited to the AM. Will have kayak in hand.

Fred A.

09-04-2001, 11:26 AM
Fred, then we must go to Mecca.