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: RI and W. Connectict Questions

08-24-2001, 10:06 AM
I'm looking for any up to date info on Fisher's Island sound to the reef's at Watch Hill. I'm gonna be heading back to Mystic this weekend and secured some time with my father in the boat. He said fly guys were killing fish in the race the other day while he couldn't by a hit. (sound familiar Juro?) I'm curious of tides/times to target the areas on Sunday morning. Thanks for any help. Artb, you out there?

08-24-2001, 10:16 AM
The reefs are a mind-blowing place to fish, and the fly is the way to fish it. I'd take a fly rod out there over any other gear, hands down.

Good luck, I will enjoy reading your reports about one of my favorite fisheries anywhere.

08-24-2001, 10:04 PM
I was down to Weekapaug, and Quonny, yesterday. I did not see any Funny fish, but from a good source they are in and out, but not large pods. There has been some large stripers taken on the reefs from Watch Hill to Fishers. Problem is that there is a lot of lobster gear, tough fishing. Daybreak at Quonny keepers are being taken. The seagulls are pulling lots of racks around in the surf. I took one of my grandsons fishing in the pond at quonny. He caught snapper blues on a flyrod, first time he had one in his hands. The pond is full of them. There also is some good fish after the snappers, but impossible to get down thru the schools to get a shot at them. I did see some good fish break, but with no motor couldn't get anywhere near them in time. The inflatable is a good platform to fish from it, except not against the wind and tide. The fish are on the reefs, catch them.Southwest ledge at Block Island has good fish, but in over 40 feet of water. Hope to see some of you soon. TL ArtB

08-25-2001, 02:35 AM
Thank you Art, the tentative plans are that we'll see you in early September then in October. Great to hear big fish are on the reefs. I hope the raft is serving you well,


08-26-2001, 07:59 PM
Thanks for the reply. I ended up getting down to Weekapaug around 11am Sat morning. As I walked up the beach club ramp to the sand, I saw two birds working and double timed it back to the car. Bonito were running from the western rock pile to the western jetty from 1100 till around 1:00 pm. I launched the yak and had one hit while trolling a pogie pattern. Lost him while I was picking up the rod. The fish were showing with more regularity by now and I decided to set up some drifts. One finally landed me in the middle of the melee with larger boats surrounding me. One hurried cast and a few strips later, I had a my fly line zipping out of the yak with a 4 lb bone on the end. I landed the fish and paddled quickly to shore to bleed and fillet. Another afternoon of sushi at the shore and the rest on the grill for dinner. It was awesome.

Sunday, went out on more of a pleasure cruise with my family from the Mystic River out to the Race, Little Gull, and back. I got the lay of my parents boat, I'm working on feeling comfortable taking it on my own. Almost had a grand slam of sorts on (on spinning gear unfortunately). I landed an 8" snapper (which were everywhere), a couple of hickory shad, and an 8" sea bass. The snapper provided entertainment for my younger brother as well as the hickory shad. Went back to the beach at Weekapaug after that, no bones today. A couple bass were swimming around my feet, but didn't take out the rod to try and catch them amongst the crowds. Ugh back to work tomorrow...


08-27-2001, 04:58 AM
Glad to hear that you scored Nick, It can only get better. I would say, that for bonita, or false albacore Weekapaug is the best bet, outside of West wall in Matunick, which I don't fish. Hope to see you down that way in the near future. TL ArtB