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: profiles in stubborness Chatham 8-15

Bob Pink
08-14-2001, 02:10 PM
striblue & I decided to give the waters a try off S.Beach this morning. The overnight rains boded well for clearing this morning so it was off to the ramp at 5:30 to try our luck. The now persistant Chathm fog greeted us by the time we hit Morris I. but conditions still looked good by the time we set up our first drift out front.
The fish were more spread out than I had found prior and we needed to move about before starting to connect. No great size but we were picking away at them. Then the rains started, first a drizzle but eventually building into a long-lasting downpour that was of epic proportions. We continued to fish through it while moving north to avoid the t-storms that were passing over S.Monomoy.
John remained cool under pressure as we made conservative moves to put safety as near to the top of the list as conditions would allow.
Back to the dock at 11, as wet as I've ever been without swimming.
BTW, one of the charter captains took a bonito off the end ouf S.Beach early today.... Yeah!

08-14-2001, 08:36 PM
Thanks Bob... your a great host ,and I appreciate spending the morning with you... Yes... You said it all... the rain was incredible. I forgot to mention on the boat that the only time I was concerned was when you had apparently had moved behind me to do something and I heard something with the motor...turned around... and because of the hard rain and having our hoods up.. you were GONE! My stomach went into my mouth and I said to myself.... " f**K...he fell OUT!!!". I then heard you.

08-14-2001, 08:47 PM
It didn't rain up north today, at least not where I was working. As I read this, I was between a no-win meeting and a bitching out by an unhappy producer who didn't like what I was saying and I thought... boy would I rather be there.

Whenever I see fierce weather and it doesn't harm anyone, it's an exhilarating experience.