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: North tip of south monomoy

09-10-2001, 07:34 AM
Had the rare pleasure of fishing the top end of south monomoy with great friends (the rip trip signups plus a few). I wasn't going to fish this weekend but on Sunday morning after I cooked breakfast for the family the wife said she's shopping so I bolted for the Cape. It's an illness, I know ;) I actually drove more than I fished.

Long story short, ran into Pete to say goodbye - that worked out very well, I was glad to see him off. Hopped on the late run and luckily there was a seal watch going down there for me to hitchhike on.

GregD and son Brandon were working the channel out of the wind as I headed to the flats. Brian Casey landed his 40" fish on the far side of the crib, others had blues and a few hookups. Bigcat had the best spot on the flat, fish were buzzing around him when I stopped by to say hello. As I was chatting with Don Cox on a flat, a feisty blondie near-keeper came and ripped the rod nearly out of his hands. I saw some bent rods an bite-offs as I was bent on making this short afternoon productive, and covered some serious ground walking and searching.

Saw a lot of big fish and could not get them to cooperate despite follows, then I found the pod - or it found us I should say. WOrking the north edge I spotted a pod working striaght into shore pushing bait across the right-left current. They did this a second time and I got my fly to swing thru, one legal followed but no take. I thought I had blown the opp.

Much to my surprise, they formed the wedge again and pushed one more time, and one flashed twice. The flash was long, bright and got me totally pumped as I worked the backhand cast into the wind. One, two, three shoot! The fly landed about 8 feet upcurrent. I paused, let the fly swing toward the shadows, and once the fly got to them I stripped >pause< saw one turn! Strip >BANG< with the white edges of the stripers mouth flaring I felt the jolting take and the split second I set the hook the fish tore out into my backing. Man, I love sight fishing! The hard-battling fish was in the 30-31" class, never measured it but it didn't matter. It quickly regained strength and disappeared into the flat again.

It was much slower than previous weeks, but good to squeeze in another day on the flats. Can't wait to see Brian's 40" fish (photo).

BTW - great time at Squires afterward too, enjoyed everyone's company and I look forward to the next outing.