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: North Shore 9/10

09-11-2001, 08:10 AM
Checked out Blacks, Whites, Magnolia, and Tuck's point last evening. Couldn't buy a hit. Looked like some offshore action going on off of Blacks, but the kayak was at home. One guy on the rocks of Magnolia had got 8 fish chunking since 2pm but I couldn't seem to get a good feel of the fly as the waves were beginning to build up to around 6 ft.

While I was standing waiting for a good set of waves to pass, I was holding my fly in my one hand and the rod in the other. Next thing I know, line is zipping out and the fly is buried in my thumb. I look up to see a seagull trapped in the line hanging from my tip. It crashed into the rocks, shook the line, and took off. Thank god it wasn't attached anymore. I took the hook out, and said a few bad words. I hate seagulls when fishing.

Otherwise, pretty uneventful evening. Heard of a monster blitz that started in Manchester harbor around dawn and ended 4 miles out around 2pm. Wish I was there...

Norm M
09-12-2001, 12:50 PM
Friend surfing at Good Harbor yesterday reported seeing a very large group of fish breaking under birds around Salt Island. NH was white hot up until yesterday when the giant surf from Erin kicked up.