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: Nantucket 8/8

09-08-2001, 07:11 PM
I was called of island on family business this week, it's too bad that intefers with fishing so often. I only got out a couple of days this week but they were good days and other guides have reported some really good days this week. I think I can gladly report that everything is in now and they can all be caught from either the beach or from the handiest boat. In the last week, I have seen and/ or caught spanish mackeral, bonito, bluefish, albies, stripers, bluefish, and sea robins all caught off the beach using either small metal spoons if spinning, or small chartuese clousers or small white deciever patterns. The other good news is that all of these fish are being caught all day long. Your best bet for taking fish is to travel along the beach slowly looking for fish breaking, or fish those areas that traditionally hold fish. Be ready for anything, earlier this week I cast out a deadly dick and as I watched it hit the water a school of albies blew by me not 30' away from shore, the good news is that my client managed to get his fly out in time to take a strike.
Boats are still doing very well out off the west end still getting bonito, sometimes up to 20 fish per trip. Stripers and blues are still up along Great Point rip and blues are getting bigger and stronger along the east side. I would also like to mention the huge (for up here) albie that Captain Benjie Hasell took off the west end, it was mixed in with the bones and when the hooked up Benjie knew that it wasnb't a Bonito as it ran off all the line and they were keeping a close eye on the backing.
So I would say, call in sick while the weather holds, come out to the island and catch some fish because it's looking like the best it's going to be over the next few weeks....

09-08-2001, 08:27 PM
Shane, great report.... incredible variety along the beach.. I can't make it down but would love to.