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07-14-2013, 02:26 PM
Hello Friends,

I'm Paul. I'm 50'ish and have been "self-taught" flyfishing since about age 12. That is not say, however, I'm any kind of an expert. Far from it, actually! I probably do a thousand things wrong, yet I catch A LOT of fish. I don't care to be a "purist" or sweat the small stuff. I just have fun! :-)

I typically trout fish small water or float tube/kayak lakes. Occasionally, I'll fish warmer waters for bass/bluegill/etc. I'm mostly catch & release/barbless, but will occasionally bring hatchery fish home for dinner.

I mostly fish close to home in Northern California, but have fished all of the Western US as well. Mostly done with the aid of dirt or dual-sport motorcycles. I love the melding of the two hobbies!

Well, that's about it.

All the best,
-Paul :-)