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: Nantucket 8/17

08-17-2001, 03:16 PM
We have had yet another interesting fishing week here on the island, once again. I think we have had every wind direction and weather condition possiible since last Friday. Driving rain, thunder showers, flat calm, and sunshine. Somehow, none of that did anything to the fish, it just moved them around some more. There are blues all around Great Point, put the wind at your back and cast for a little while and chances are that you will find some. In the low light hours, just before sunrise, for about 4 days in a row this week I saw stripers hitting bait in the surf along the Galls, we couldn't get them to take, but they were out there. For a change of scenery, and chasing rumors, this morning we headed out to Smith's Point for the early morning hours. Fishing was slow most of the morning but just as the tide peeked, we landed 1 good sized bluefish and 2 small stripers on a big green deceiver and a small white soft hackle deceiver.
This brings me to the rumors and verified stories part of my report. With the boats doing so well off the west end with bonito and stripers in the rips, and the water being so warm, we have been expecting the albies to show up any day now. They are here!! Not in real numbers yet, but they have been seen just off shore and everything is in place to make this an exciting next few weeks. On the rumors side of the boating world out here, and this is only rumor, one of the boats was said to have caught skip jacks and some small tuna out off the west end but that was a one time thing and nobody has seen anything since. The flats are doing OK, the bonito bar is still working, and look for albies out there on the outgoing tide. The south shore is still loaded with big blues and Great Point Rip is still holding some big stripers down deep...

08-17-2001, 03:19 PM
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