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: My weekend on the Cape

09-10-2001, 01:16 PM
I spent the weekend on the Cape looking for exotics and met with limited success. Saturday was dominated by a killer wind and the waves to match but despite the rolly ride I gave it my best shot around the golf course and succonesset. I saw maybe five leaping tunoids and one very short lived bust on bait all day (6am to 2pm). No hookups with the exception of a squid. Back inside the wacky jetty I met up with Bob Parsons who was having a tough time of it as well. I fished the jettty for a while hoping the wind would die down and eventually headed home after catching a few small blues and a 27ish striper.

On Sunday I was pleased to see the wind had calmed down quite a bit but the fishing started off slow. I saw a few leapers but only managed to hook up with sea robins. At around noon I picked up Mike and we headed to Succonesset where we quickly found blues and spanish macs. We had fun with them until the rip died and then I dropped Mike off. With three species under my belt for the day I was looking for the fourth to complete the “slam” :) Using the advice I got from Bob the day before I stopped by the red can outside wacky and ended up with two more species – a banded rudder fish and an amberjack. (Both ID’d by Juro through my description – I had no clue.) It certainly wasn’t hot fishing but it ended on a satisfying note and I got three new species on the fly.

09-10-2001, 01:38 PM
The banded rudderfish has got to be wrong, it could be:

I've heard them called zebra fish, but..

is not right either obviously.