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: Fly Suggestions Wanted

08-13-2001, 10:53 PM
I'll be heading on an Easterly course on Aug. 30 and need some suggestions in order to tie a dew on. I have a limited selection from the exchange, lots of deep eel's I made last year AFTER I came back, not much use out here for those characters.
I plan to fish beaches and do some open ocean fishing, maybe get to the rip at Malooy's tip. I want to get into Boners, Strippers, Albacoholics and Tunamoids, maybe a few Cubanomids as well. (Yes, I have been into the Holy Peat Water tonite).
I am anticipating that Stripblue will donate one of his inventions for posterity and trial with Pikeroonies out here. (Caught 19 over Saturday & Sunday, 9 above 12 pounds, 3 above 15).
ArtB has told me to bring some Poppers for surface action and the only close thing I have is various Dahlberg Divers.
So look deep into your soles and tell me what you would suggest for this trip.

08-14-2001, 05:10 AM
I would like to make a suggestion to this board. Pete, as you see will be arriving Aug.31 to fish Mass., and RI. I would like to think we "Natives" could afford to give Pete a couple of flies for him to use on his trip east. You fishermen take care of Pete when he gets to Mass., I will see that he is taken care of in RI. He said to me that he will bring his tying vise, I personally don't think he should spend his time tying flies here, should spend as much time fishing, and sightseeing as possible. Lets make his fishing experince in the area enjoyable.