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: Exotic hunt 9/2-9/3

09-04-2001, 02:02 PM
With tales of plentiful bonito, skipjack, and mahi-mahi dancing through our heads Mike and I made our hopeful way to Sakonnet and Point Judith this Labor Day weekend. We fished a full day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday with little to show for our efforts. Our highest hope was for mahi-mahi and the closest we came was a mess of nice scupi-scupi. - I wish I'd had my 4wt for those scup (that would have been a blast!) Other fish caught were black bass(?), one nice schoolie, and one nice blue. Our hopes dashed we headed for the cape to catch the last bit of sun on Monday. We didn't hook up but at least we saw breaking fish which is a lot more than we saw in RI. Oh well, as I'm fond of saying of those tough fishing days - The fishing was great, the catching left something to be desired.

09-04-2001, 02:08 PM
Gregg -

You guys deserve the "A+" for effort though, always taking the bull by the horns. You'll get that shark on the fly soon!

Reports are that the exotics have pushed forward to B-bay, the Elizabeths and Vineyard, probably a good bet around Lackeys, Nobska, even South Cape next time out(?)

09-04-2001, 02:35 PM
That was my #2 pick for the Holiday weekend (but Cape not RI). I think the Idea of the crowds drove me away. As BobP put it: "it's a good weekend to stay OFF the water!" (especially on the Cape!)

I agree with Juro: "A+ for effort!"

09-05-2001, 04:38 PM

We traveled a long way yesterday, from upper Buzzards Bay to the Cuttyhunk area and through every part of the Vineyard and found one small pod of Bones. That was it as we found no bass, or sizable blues....it was scary in that we saw almost no other boats or fisherman anywhere.......hopefully the next push of fish will move in soon.......


09-05-2001, 05:09 PM
Gregg, you should've been up the bay a ways. I saw a couple of the most amazing bluefish blitzes I've ever witnessed saturday and sunday up near Barrington. Both times the fish were out of flycasting range, but the pluggers hooked up pretty regularly. The blitz on saturday had two boats fishing and on sunday there was one boat out for a little while.

I also heard rumors of skippies up inside, but I didn't personally see any landed.