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: DOH!!!

08-18-2001, 12:43 PM
I will keep this story short for anyone that is looking for a post from me...

My Dad and I depart from Braintree VERY early in the morning and arrive in Chatham at 4:15 AM. Slip the kayaks in the water near Minister's Point. My Dad, who has never been in my ghetto whitewater kayak, tests out the stability of the ugly craft. Then he says, "I think Pete Gray is over there." I say, "No way. That guy is only casting 90 feet - that can't be Pete." My Dad insists that it IS Pete and he decides to prove his point. The next thing I know my Dad flips over his kayak. Then I see my Dad porpoise out of the water and swim to shore with the yak - and all of the important gear (read: RPLXi). The guy in the distance never even batted an eyelash at us. If it was Pete, we knew that he would have run into a telephone booth, changed clothes at a frenetic pace (after carefully putting his rod out of harms way) and paddled his way on over to save the day. Alas, it wasn't Pete.

All kidding aside. My Dad did dump the yak. For all of you guys out there thinking about getting a kayak for the salt: please get a good quality sea worthy kayak and consider taking a lesson or reading a book about paddling. Just a thought. And of course we were wearing PFDs.

After packing up the yaks we played with the striper blues at Chatham light, talked with John Morin for a while and then drove home. Not a great day of fishing but at least we learned a few lessons today.

And the sunrise was awesome. I cannot complain about that.

See you at the Boneclave.