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: Discussion of Boat Target Areas and Strategies...

08-16-2001, 01:47 PM
Since we're talking about an area from Woods Hole to the Elizabeths to the Vineyard to Nantucket to South Monomoy, there is no concern for crowding (no possibility?) and it wouldn't hurt to discuss strategies a little amongst the boat crews.

Maybe boats should stay in pairs within a general area, thus with Sunday's 8 boats (plus inshore craft) we should target 4 areas whereby there will always be a buddy boat in proximity.

It's not necessary to pre-determine what these locations are, just that the buddy boats are on the same page after the shuttling is done and we are ready to hop on the horses and ride.

Factors to consider:

Smaller boats should probably stay close by, like Succonesset Shoal, the inlet, Eel River outlet, and South Beach rips and shoals.

Long ranging boats could investigate Nobska, the Hole, Naushon, and the Vineyard.

I guess it depends on weather but Hedge Fence, Middle Ground, and other rips should be on the agenda. State Beach was good in 99, Naushon was hot, and Nobska was very good.

Last year it was mostly Succonesset, easy reach and all kinds of fish in the area. Jetties were very active, even had albies visit inside the bay.

Those who are willing to run shifts should factor in the return times and consider teaming up with others who are doing shifts.


a) Does this sound like a good idea?

b) should we suggest buddies -or- will you buddy up once we are done shuttling gear?

c) no need to do this?


08-16-2001, 05:03 PM
(a) Excellent Idea.
(b) Pairs should be boats with Similar Capabilities (range, speed, etc.).
(c) Pairs of boats need only stay within VHF range (few miles).

Also, for larger (gas Guzzling) boat owners, there is a Marina with Fuel in upper Waquett.

08-16-2001, 05:10 PM

GregO you saved the day! TimW had a last minute shift to a higher calling and will not be able to attend. Thanks to your consideration the number of chariots stayed the same and number of riders actually went down by one - yourself!

Thanks for accomodating us and I wish big pods of fat busting bonito to you and your dad, riders, etc.

See ya soon,