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: Chatham-South Beach/Monomoy

09-08-2001, 03:13 PM
Out at 5:30 and met Fred at the light house. Ended up shooting the breeze with a couple of the local boys and Fred.. while we waited for PeteL and Roop who were to be there at 7:30 for all of us to catch the 8 am shuttle to North Monomoy. Weater perfect but the wind started heating up even by that time. I had some reservations about sight Fishing on North Monomoy. We met Nick at the causeway and all agreed on North Monomoy. As we walked down the stairs Brendan O'Brien is waiting in his boat offering to take a few of us out. Roop won't budge... he's doing North come hell or high water as was Fred and Nick. Pete and I board and head to High Bank and pick up a few stripers.. The off South Beach and do the usual drift and have a field day. Stripers, Blues and some Dog fish.. But mostly go our hits low in the water column so it was blues and stripers mostly. Good stipers from fat 25" to 30". Big Blues to 28" ,29". We switch leaders to wire and still hook stripers... go figure. Headed down to the South tip rip for a look and the wind is really honking. A couple casts ,nothing.. then up to the crib where we meet up with the North monomoy crew who had luck with seeing fish , landing a few with Roop hooking into some blues. We fish but no hookups or seeing except for Pete who did spot one. I manage to tangle my line.... twice... around the prop. They Hitch hike a ride back and Brendon drops PeteL ,Roop and Fred at south beach to work the incoming on the west side while Nick, Brendan and I call it a day around 1:30.

09-09-2001, 06:53 AM
Had to do it!

One of my goals this year was to sight cast more and that was accomplished yesterday.

Many thanks to Juro for the directions to the key flat, we got hung up at the deep hole on the way as you advised me not to. It was like the sirens were singing to us "fish me, fish me..."
I wasnt going to but then I started spotting fish coming to the back of the bowl and milling around- I had to.
Hooked into a nice bule and lost it and my fly off the fluro tippet - monster sripers cruising by my legs. Fred pulled in a few schoolies he spotted and "dappled"!!

Gave up after Ron brought us back to reality and pointed out where we should be. Continued the hike, I went all the way out and found more pigs cruising on the outside of the flat. The wind was right in my face, current running towards me, it was tough! One hook-up, lost the fish.

Back on the flat, spotting TONS of fish, sighting & casting with Nick, had a blast. The blues came through like an invading army, anyone could have caught one of those if their fly was in the water. Landed on the mono section of my leader.

At the end of the day; lost 3 stripers, landed one blue, landed a dink as we were wading back to the pick up with Pete & Fred off South Beach.

Awesome day - need to learn that game next year!!

09-09-2001, 10:25 AM
Started the day meeting JM at the light and being entertained by the "Chatham locals", John and Leon, trade good natured insults.

The plan was to fish Monomoy if the weather was perfect (sunny and minimum breeze). I'd say it was as windy as last Saturday, but out of the southwest. No front had passed through so at least there were, as Jeff said, a lot of fish to see.

The "dapple" caught schoolie Jeff spoke of reminded me of when I was seven or eight and would chum up sunfish by spitting and flipping a hook with a balled up piece of bread. The rats were certainly cooperative while the bigger guys were impossible.

All in all a great day despite the tough fishing. I know I learned a bunch - just need to figure out how capitalize on the experience.

As always the company was great. Thanks to Roop, Nick, Pete L. and John. Thanks to Brendan for the ride to South Beach.

Best news of the day: Heard one of our favorite visitors was looking for property on the Cape.

Fred A.