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Bob Pink
08-26-2001, 02:09 PM
The end of two weeks of vacation in the Chatham area made for a very heavy heart as I crossed over the canal last evening for the return home. Many wonderful and challenging memories to carry me through the rest of the season.

Day 1 of vacation, my 10yr old daughter comes down with me early to fish before we can get the keys to the cottage. Out in the fog off S.Beach she's into fish right from her first cast. I put down the flyrod and get to watch her just having fun. One of her nicer fish from that morning "" (a "tip of the hat" to Jeff Smith and Angie for posting this picture for me)

A couple of days later, John Morin accepts an invitation to come out and try his luck from the boat instead of the sand. We get POUNDED by a driving rain that is the toughest conditions I've ever been on the water in. John not only acts cool and calm, he ends up acting as my eyes as we try to navigate north and get out of the weather. John's a cool dude!

I spend a few nights walking Nauset Beach. Notice I was walking 'cause I couldn't buy a fish in a fishmarket. Did have a nice encounter withe Harry Koons and his family out enjoying an evening cookout. Great night skies, meteors and lot's of fishless hours.

Watching the Chatham fishery change so dramatically over the course of two weeks. The way the bigger bass moved out of the deeper waters off S.Beach. The influx of the juvie herring on the abnormally high tides of last weekend that triggered a bass bite that was epic for two days. ( and triggered a bluefish bite that is probably still cookin' )

Spending a day drifting live bluefish off Peaked Hill Bar with Jeff Smith and Dave Corbet for giant bluefin. Watching the eastern shore of the cape appear out of the fog, sitting on the gunnel just talking about fishing and life with Jeff and Dave. Better than any sales meeting I'll ever attend.

Putting ashore on S. Beach with my wife to dig some steamers for supper, down at the far end on a weekday when no one else is around. Feeling like you've entered another world, one far removed from the merchandising of the 'cape', one that makes you stop and appreciate what a fabulous resouce we have at our doorstep.

An evening drift along the fishwier ouside of Stage Harbor with the hopes of seeing hardtail signs but ends up being a sightseeing trip as I watch the colors of sunset over the waters to the west and the stars come out over Monomoy.

Back again, but it will be a while...............

08-27-2001, 01:05 PM
Hey Bob, that picture of your Daughter is priceless... that belongs at home on the mantle... great fish and great smile. She will always remember that day even if there are more.

Bob Pink
08-27-2001, 04:26 PM
Thanks John, she's a great kid and good company. That's a keeper all around for sure. I remember the first day I met you at Big Girl with your son landing that nice first flyrod legal fish. Dosen't matter if they're 10 or 16, it's still a thrill when we can be there to share a moment with them.

08-27-2001, 04:43 PM
Just like the commercial... lifejacket - $29.99, making sure the tank is full - $38.80, GPS in the fog - $350... that look on her face: PRICELESS!