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: Boneclave thanks

08-21-2001, 02:14 PM
I fell into a deep sleep last night, dreaming of the good times had, and those to come. Thank you to all those who put this together and made it happen.
Juro for all of the organizational hours, Tod for organizing the boater/rider info and the phone number list. Terry (Lefty) for organizing the gear list. Everyone who brought and prepared the great food. Everyone who brought and lugged gear for the group. All the boaters who ferried gear and people. Brian Casey, thanks for the great day on the water, you certainly know your way around the sound. GreggO, thanks for another great day on the water and especially for lending me your fly rod after I made my 4 pc into a 5pc on that big blue. I was impressed with the boat handling skills of both GreggO and Brian putting their crews right on fish time after time. A special thanks to Mother Nature for that cleansing inch or two of rain Sunday night. I never would have thought of combining bathing with sleeping. :)
IMHO It takes more than just organization and planning to make a clave a success, the participants create the tone and this clave had a spirit of cooperation combined with a fish your brains out attitude.

When’s RhodyFest-2001 ?

08-21-2001, 04:04 PM
I hope you got some of the boxes that I left at the ramp. Juro said that they went pretty quick.

08-21-2001, 04:13 PM
JimW, MikeD & FredA, It was great Fishing with you Guys. I had a great time; maybe we can do it again sometime.

Nick, thanks for the Boxes.

SSully, Terry, BobP, Esteys, etc, etc, etc, Great Food, Great Time!

08-21-2001, 05:43 PM
JimW (08-21-2001 03:14 p.m.):

When’s RhodyFest-2001 ?

Well, from the sound of it there are two strategies... sooner or later ;)

There are exotics around now, and there will be migrating fish in the late fall around October when the season is about to depart.

Rhodyfest is really the Rhode Island Octoberfest, but it doesn't matter when especially if it involves exotics. Reno suggested a really great strategy (a la Napatree mecca) and the Esteys reinforced the idea by offering shuttles. If we can get a couple more shuttlers the venture could be epic. I am not sure how easy it would be to get the cabins at Burlingame but I assume it should not be a problem after Labor Day.

We need to consult with our area guru Art Burton, and target dates that co-incide with our esteemed member PeteL from Calgary's arrival on the Rhody shore (9/11??). I know Capt.Ray must get over to Westerly from his home waters in Narragansett once in a while, and Pete Jenkins at Saltwater Edge is a premier source of information for the region.

We have in the ranks a pretty solid knowledge from two previous Rhodyfests as well.

I think it would be a good idea to target exotics in an early Rhody outing. I might have a conflict for certain dates but my participation should have nothing to do with this or any other outing. Hopefully I can make it but I have my annual pacific northwest trip coming up.

What does everyone think - exotics early or season farewell?

08-21-2001, 06:20 PM
There's just something about being bundled up in the Rhody surf yanking stripers in the fall on a brisk day...and the images of Rhody Fest I are burned in my mind forever.

08-21-2001, 08:23 PM
Yes, I got 8 boxes, GreggO, Mike and Stan got some too. There was a huge box of them, There was a lot of them left in the case when we departed the ramp. If anyone missed out send me an email and I'll ship you a couple. Thanks again Nick, It's a great thing your doing for all of us and the landfill.

I agree that Rhody conjures up visions of layered clothing and a last shot at the stripped ones. I like the idea of Rhody in October but another shot at the speedsters is tempting.

08-21-2001, 08:50 PM
Last year we started to chase exotics in kayaks (yakbone).

Reno's plan for Napatree is perfect for this, but we can also get any boaters who show up to shuttle us to various spots around Watch Hill.

I propose that we jump on the plentiful Rhody exotic situation while the getting is good, and also keep the fall classic as it is. Both, in other words!

08-21-2001, 09:48 PM
Driving to Chatham or driving to RI is the same for me. Actually, RI is closer ironically. I would love to do them both. Smart thinking Juro.

08-21-2001, 09:59 PM

I am fresh off of my first Boneclave and I am already looking forward to next year's outing. The weekend on Waquoit was incredible. Incredible friends, incredible food, incredible rain and the incredible song of my drag when I hooked what we think was a bonito. Think? Yes, I lost the fish after it charged hard and fast right at the boat. Still, I am pumped to have hooked into a fish that ran that hard and fast. Simply awesome. Many thanks to you GregO for the great drift that got me into that pod of fish and into the many other schools of blues that we tangled with over the course of the day. I truly appreciate your taking me out for a day on the water.

Post fishing I satiated my appetite with what was certainly the best camp food that I have ever tasted. Thanks to Terry (the salsa lived up to its legend), GregO (unreal steak tips), Bob Parsons for the classic chowder and cherry stones, Larry for the sweet corn, Nick for the greens, Brian Casey for the killer brownies, Sully and Terry for their toiling over Monday's colossal breakfast, the Mikes and the Esteys for their contributions to the super sushi feast. Damn, the list goes forever. What a stellar bunch of guys. Before I forget, many thanks to Juro, Tod and Jim for all of the setup/organizational work that they put into the clave.

Also, an extra special thanks to Captain Art Sawayer ( for his generosity and guidance during Monday's foray out on the seas. I soaked up any drops of wisdom that Art threw my way and I am certainly a better fisherman after the hours spent on his boat. Speaking of his boat....that boat was perfect. It has a perfect casting deck and it handled the rough seas with no problem. Each and every time we saw diving birds Art skillfully used the boat to get Pete Gray (Solo) and I into casting range. And Pete, as usual, I truly enjoyed your company. What would a clave be without Pete's humor and charm? And let's just say that I did see Pete snack on a juvie herring. Then again, it was only a taste test. Pete saved that gumdrop for the tying bench.

Thanks to anyone and everyone at the clave. We all contributed to the experience in our own ways and now that I have a Boneclave under my belt I promise to help out a little more next year.

Let's get together and chase more exotics sometime soon!


08-22-2001, 07:11 AM
I have had limited time to post, no time now but many thanks to all, Terry,Ted & Juro for organizing, everyone for the food & comraderie, Bigcat for the two days on his boat - what a host, Brian C for the night time search - the Cobia's a sweet ride.

Gotta run

the blue jugs mine


08-22-2001, 07:18 PM
It would take forever to do justice, but special thanks to:

George Estey for the first class awning and great tales from fishing travels around the country,

Capt. Art Sawayer, Greg Devereaux, and Bigcat for allowing me to stomp around on their boat decks acting frantic while fish were busting around us,

Gregg for providing the FIRST BONITO ON A FLY for The Boneclave tradition,

Bob Parsons for the ultimate cherrystone and chowder treat (how lucky are we?),

GregO for the savory marinated sirloin tips and also for commissioning LOGO1 for another important mission,

Brian Copley for keeping the tunoid terror tradition alive - that's one hell of an upgrade dude!

Mike (Mark, Jim) Doogue for the bottomless Red Bull supply (I swear Roop was levitating!) and those priceless sandwiches,

LarryP for the areas finest native corn (I need to ask you about that steamer),

Brian Casey for that motherlode of decadent fudge brownies (man were those good!),

JimW for the Mt.Everest grade rope for the central camp area (we needed it during rare dry spells),

Nick for the restaurant grade caesar salad at camp and killer plastic / foam cases,

Pete Gray for the usual hilarity, wit and great war stories, some of which were very recent!

TerryW for organizing the gearlist, making the incredible homemade salsa, assisting Sully with breakfast, and generall keeping things shipshape, and of course the smooth cuban cigar,

Tod for pulling together the signup sheet and participant info - good thing too because I couldn't seem to manage anything at camp!

Mike Schott (angler) and Mike Mahler (chef) for the bonito sashimi treat - I mean f-r-e-s-h w/ that powdered prescription strength wasabi and nori too!

Craig for taking care of early departures to the mainland on Monday, good thing you did bring the canoe and motor!

Sully for yet another INCREDIBLE camp breakfast (hope you aren't trying to get us to stop asking, you have mastered it!)

Fred for the jumbo shrimp cocktail appetizers, hey was that a band-aid in the cocktail sauce? ;)

Mike Estey for the best chili I've ever had, but I did have to stop for ice cream to give my intestines somthing to look forward to ;)

Roop for the 100% virgin cold-pressed pogie oil, I'll return the favor next time with a jar of extra-chunky sand eel butter ;)

Reno for helping Fred get through his situation and shuttling us back after dinner, I hope you didn't have any troubles getting back and it was sure great to talk about Napatree on the way out,

Brandon for restoring my boyish love of fishing, your dad is lucky and so are you,

...everyone there gave something to the cause and I hope everyone took something more away from the experience as they made the run back to the parking lot at the end of their visit to Boneclave 2001. I always wonder if I am leaving reality or returning to it at the end of Boneclave on that winding boat ride.

Despite the rain and all the little snafu's here and there, it was truly a classic event and I am sure it will not soon be forgotten by all who came. 2001 lived fully up to the tradition.

And so we close the book on another Boneclave, and we go back to short breaks between long work weeks, morning sorties to lonely shorelines before the crowds appear and we are called to family duties.

Thanks all, those days will not soon be forgotten and I look forward to everything that lies ahead.

08-23-2001, 09:24 AM
It would be hard to say much more than what has already been said. Brandon and I enjoyed our first boneclave alot. I was certainly impressed and pleased with the spirit that Jim Whalen refered too, I certainly saw the same thing as well. Brandon and I thank you all for a great outing with fantastic food, great fishing, and team spirit. Special thanks to those putting special effort for the groups behalf.
The only negative of the entire trip was some pinhead doing donuts in the whites river boat ramp parking lot monday night or tuesday morning that riddled my truck and many others with flying rocks, breaking windows and putting dents and chips in the vehicles parked there. Hope no one else had a window broken or their vehicle damaged.

Brandon and I are ready to sign up again for next year. Thank you everyone!

Greg & Brandon.

08-23-2001, 11:41 AM
Greg -

We were afraid something like this might happen so we rigged the lot with 3 X10 webcam devices. The surveilance worked, they have been reported to the Mashpee and MA state police. We have license plates numbers, and they are local plates.

Anyone who has suffered damage should contact Mashpee Police, general issues (I think it was choice #4 on the automated phone).

The offenders will be summoned to a court date and we need a description of the extent of damage to complete the evidence.

Thanks for your cooperation.

08-23-2001, 02:06 PM
Wow kudos on the X10 video cameras,
I'm sure whomever is responsible will be quite surprized they got caught. I imagine this isn't the first time this has happened if you went to the trouble of placing cameras at the ramp parking lot. I assume you provide a little video clip of the actual crime VS the entire video clips.
Well I sure am impressed at how well
you look after us Flyfishingforum members here on the east coast. The news of having the plate numbers sure made my day, it will be sweet to have the criminals paying for all
the damage and not me.

Thanks Again,

08-23-2001, 06:20 PM
I can't say any more then has already been said. I had a great time and I think that my wife has heard enough about boneclave to do her a lifetime. Thanks to everyone especially Bob and Case for the great day on their boats.