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: 9-03-01; South Beach

09-03-2001, 09:00 PM
With the all day surface action reported off the outside and the reports of big fish moving on the south beach inside flats, PeteL, Aaron, Eddie and I headed for a couple hours of sight fishing on the flood this morning. OK - the real reason we didn't go to North Monomoy... no one got back from the lighthouse bars early enough to get the first Monomoy shuttle! I sat at the parking lot enjoying the view and tied a couple laid back real-eels for the day. Some nice fish out there this am apparently. I slept in and brought coffee / muffins to my better half as a peace offering and swore to make it a half day.

Anyway, we get out there and much to Keith's surprise we pick south beach. We head down to the big flat just above the seals and stake out a spot. Suddenly I see two big fish heading right to left, but very nervous and not eating. It might have had something to do with the seals that were chasing our flies and harassing us. Where's Frank Daignault when you need him! }>

Anyway, as the flood begins I spread out to the south and Eddie has a pod come by and connects! Nice legal bass, f-a-t and healthy. Before he can get his fish to hand the pod comes by me. I get a cast and the fish is on it. He follows into a glass clear spot just as he flares his gills a little and opens his mouth. I feel just the slightest tightening in the line and it's in his mouth, I strip set and >DOINK< the fish swims away fanning it's tail at me as if to moon me (if they could moon, I was mooned). This was the first of three such light grabs as I worked a fair amount of singles all over the area, some huge but unwilling; other shots I felt I had made near perfect presentations and they would not commit to eating it.

PeteL led and hooked a legal bass that fought hard and long, I think it was his third for the morning including the two at the light. I was glad he got one sight fishing.

Time seemed to just fly right by and morning was turning into noontime. I was faced with a decision... humbly accept a skunking (one of only a couple for the entire season) to do the family right on Labor Day -or- jump over to North Monomoy where the sand is sugarier (e.g. grass is greener) and the fish were willing (see GregO's post). Of course, family comes first and it was a great Labor Day at home with family from the steak tips to the ice cream sundaes.

It was really great to fish with all the great people I fished with this weekend, I only wish I could have connected with everyone. I would have caught way more fish and bigger fish if I had fished by myself or with one or two people this weekend - but this Labor Day weekend I'd like to think that the time people gave to each other will have returns that go way beyond the fish they catch. The energy that Roop put into helping out the Doogue bros. could have been directed toward his own exploits, but like those who put their time for him in the past, he gave a little of what he knows about the spot to them. Either that or they gave him a six pack of Red Bulls and said "take me to the fish"! }>

Seriously, it's been a great season - from the Anchorage on the Cove to the Boneclave to this last weekend; and I hope we take all the gusto we can until this incredible 2001 season fades into winter and dreams of 2002.

09-04-2001, 04:32 AM
Great report. Back from Montreal and then off to Nova Scotia for a week. This has been a great learning season for me it will only get better.

09-04-2001, 08:16 AM
Thats great ,
John, Darryl and I cast our butts off on the ocean side Saturday , using the wicked wind at our backs. John was the only one to hook up. Sunday we worked the light but got a slow start and arrived late. Should have gone out on rip ryder w/ you all Sunday and Monday.