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: 8-30 South Beach

08-31-2001, 01:04 PM
After hearing so many positive reports, I took a day off and headed down to SB. It was a perfect day for sight fishing with moderate wind, crystal clear water. Spotted a few cruising bass in 25-35" range in 20" deep water on the flats, but very spooky.
The water was filled with 1" bait fish [most likely peanut bunkers]. After a few careful presentation without success, I headed towards the surf. On the falling tide, the waves were strong and knocked out my buddy who weighs close to 300lb. There were some mini blitz about a 100 yards out [just a few feet beyond my casting limit :-)], but no action anywhere near the shore. Talked to a few other fly guys, but everyone seemed to have had the same luck. Total fish caught = 0, but had a lot of fun in the sun.
After getting off the Rip Ryder, we tried a few more casts on the shore. First cast, a hard strike on a 1" bunker. It was a tiny blue fish around 5". There were literally thousands of them and they were hitting anything that moved including a knot on my fly line. Quickly tied on a smallest fly and cut off excess materials. It was a saltwater version of bluegill fishing. After catching about 40 micro blue fish, I felt like the day was redeemed.

I am planning to head out there again, this Saturday, but does anyone have other suggestions as to where to fish? How about Monomoy flats? Or should I bring a two weight and nail those blues again?

08-31-2001, 01:36 PM
The flats will give you more of the picky big fish, but if the conditions are against you it will be that much harder. Sat may not be the best day to go to the westside flats of Monomoy, but who knows what the weather will bring.

The big backside beaches offer surf opportunities like South Beach and if you keep moving you'll eventually find the fish and it will most likely be mind-boggling if you do. There have been epic blitzes against the beach lately.

Newcomb Hollow
Lecounts Hollow
Head of the Meadow
Race Pt
Herring Cove

Usually the south wind is much more manageable from Truro to the Race on the east edge. It's a long drive but can be totally worth it.

Contact Nauset Angler for up to date info: http://nausetangler.com

Another option is the Brewster Flats. Low tide in the am, start out with the dropping tide at 5-ish on Monday would be best (Sat/Sun the tides are very early). If Sat, try other bayside beaches where channels bring fish in with the flood but make sure you always have a high path to safety.

A neat option is to get to Sunken Meadows in Wellfleet on th bayside and fish it as the tide comes onto the flat - the fish will too. Sean Fields turned me on to this fun fishery and the fish on the bayside shore are going to get bigger as the fall comes on.

I like to fish Chapin Beach out to Bass Hole, usually a little bit later in the fall but with these cool nights it may already be hot. Free parking if you are there before they open, and it's an easy cast-and-step walk out to Bass Hole (west).

Any south side river mouth in the afternoon should be interesting - in fact there may be some bonito to make things really exciting. From Falmouth salt ponds up route 28 to Parkers/Bass/Herring/Red/Stage inlet is an area that is uneventful during the dog days but turns into a melting pot of activity especially during the migration. I have seen acres of finning keeper bass on a calm evening at West Dennis Beach during the spring and/or fall migration. In October, this stretch can be as full of bass as anywhere on the seaboard if they make their run close to the Nantucket Sound shore. This time of year it's mostly bluefish and bonito, schoolies with some big bass at night, snapper blues, and bait - lots of bait.

With things cooling down Minister's Point in Pleasant Bay should be getting back to it's spring time form, and there are many in this group who will attest to that success.

I could go on and on... if you want to hook up just be at the lighthouse at dawn and introduce yourself.

See you there!


08-31-2001, 02:43 PM
As you may have read our second day in a row there last week was not as productive as our first day... I think, even on and outgoing tide ,the big surf put the fish farther out.. We did catch fish but not as many... I would not give up on south Beach .

08-31-2001, 03:20 PM
Thanks, Juro, for the detailed info on the area. I've just become a member of this forum, but have been reading the board and following all the wonderul events you put together and always enjoy reading your posts.
I will certainly have to explore some of the areas you mentioned. Especially with the strong wind and some shower this weekend, I will have to pick the location carefully, since I am introducing my dear spincasting friend to the world of flyfishing. He's been honing his casting skills on the lawn with me for sometime and I would hate to disapoint him. That's one reason I went out this Thursday to scout out the area and maximize his intial flyfishing experience.
I would love to hook up with the rest of the gang, but we will be driving down from the North Shore, so won't make it by dawn. Hopefully, we will run into other fisherman and have some quality time on the surf. Hope to meet you someday.

08-31-2001, 03:35 PM
Toro -

According to weather.com and intellicast, the wind on the Chatham shore is supposed to be SW 10-15 mph in contrast to the marine reports GregO found on line.

I would bet that it will be fairly easy to find sheltered places to introduce him to our great pastime if in fact these local weather reports are accurate.

Thanks for signing up and look forward to hooking up in the near future, the best is yet to come!

08-31-2001, 03:42 PM
You just signed up for a great ride. Welcome