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: Rhode Island Beach Permits

09-16-2001, 07:40 AM
Price $50

1) Operator license
2) Proof of insurance coverage
3) Documents of registration
4) Shovel(heavy-duty or military entrenching tool)
5) Tow rope(15 ft. load strength 1,800 lbs, chain size
6) Jack and suport stand (minimum 18"x18"x5/8',plywood
7) Street legal tires(4-ply tread,2 ply sidewalls) - snow
or mud tires notrecommended ;
8) Spare tire
9) Low-pressure tire guage (0-20 lbs)
10) First aid kit
11) Fire extingusher( approved by Coast Guard, or
Interstate Commerce Comission)
12) Appropriate emergency signal devices, and or two
way radio or cell phone.
13) Flashlight

Times obtainable
Call Burlingame/DEM 401-322-8910
Oliver H. Steman Government Center 401-277-2476

This is from the Rhode Island Coastal Management

09-16-2001, 12:27 PM

I thought you had to be a RI resedent to get the beach permit?

Whoops, Saw the answer on the Other Post. THANKS FOR THE INFO!