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: Plymouth 9/18

09-18-2001, 09:55 AM
I hit the area outside the harbor this morning. Things were really hopping out there. Small shad 4-6" are in close to shore and blues are running up and down the beach creating some fast and furious action. I paddled out to some of the rocky areas and found huge bass rolling on the surface, not busting but just rolling. These biggies were feeding on something, maybe the shad. Did I say these fish were huge, like small checkered seals huge. Not able to interest the monsters with even a large pattern I tried for about 15 minutes just sitting in the middle of these huge fish. The big fish were soon replaced with the slapping of schoolies which took just about anything 2" or longer with some flash. All in all a great morning on the water, landing a few 2' fish and seeing those monsters. As I was putting the yak on the jeep I could see a huge line of birds about a mile offshore but it was time to go to work. I'll be back out there this evening.

09-19-2001, 03:29 AM
Jim...Nice one!
'Sounds like things are getting interesting...Too bad you couldn't break the "secret code" for those biggies. Those birds can make you crazy! This past Sunday out at South Beach, as the tide was rising and the surf building, birds started a frenzy on the outer most bars that was quite noteworthy. Location and timing?!...and here I am, hold up in a bunker... GO FIGURE!

09-19-2001, 08:53 AM
Like Pete said timing is everything. When I returned last night the same area was dead as a doornail. There was quite a bit of eel grass floating around, plenty of silversides and shad but no bass to be had. We stayed out well after dark hoping that the incoming tide would produce. Being such a dark night, it was a strange feeling kayaking along the beach without being able to see the swells. At least the area is still loaded with bait, with any luck someone will be there when the next wave of fish stop for a snack.